CME Group

FastMarkets is an official distributor of CME prices and market data.

As a provider of news, research, physicals and prices for the metals industry, FastMarkets works closely with CME Group both as an official supplier of its prices and as an independent news agency. This allows us to provide our customers with detailed coverage of this important exchange at the heart of the global metals industry.

Live and delayed Comex and Nymex Prices

FastMarkets is an official supplier of live and delayed Comex and Nymex metal prices as well as the CME’s oil and gas contracts. Our customers can receive these prices through our browser-based platform, FastMarkets Professional, or via a live FastMarkets Data Feed.

FastMarkets is one of only a small number of distributors to connect directly to the CME and provide live and delayed data of the complete catalogue of metal and energy contracts available from the exchanges.

Our customers use FastMarkets Professional to access all of live CME market data, display it the way they want can make use of the data with our dynamic charting and My Instruments tools.

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CME Group news

A subscription to FastMarkets news service allows you to learn what is going on in the North American global metals markets throughout the trading day. We pride ourselves in being a highly regarded and recognised source of news on the CME and the North American physicals markets.

Our daily Comex Open and Comex Close reports alongside regular updates provide you with detailed information about price changes and the possible reasons behind them. We have reporters based in Chicago and Florida who specialise in the North American metal markets and help you stay informed about the latest market developments.

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