Victor Milligan

Chief marketing officer

“System of systems” thinker Victor Milligan, CMO of Fastmarkets, likes to see how things work. It’s a product of both innate curiosity and purposeful cultivation. When Victor was a child, his father taught him to be curious and to appreciate the little things in life: the beauty of a single tree, the magic of a walk in the woods, the grace of birds. An influential leader coached Victor that, when in doubt, take the high road and the long view. This ability to rise above the day-to-day and see the larger patterns has served Victor well in multiple CMO roles: at Forrester, Nexage and Lavastorm.

“I am one part creative, one part analytical/operational, and all parts adaptive learner. To guide or adopt change, my creative process enables one to contemplate different possibilities, whether driven by precedence or imagination. The analytic/operational element enables me to convert ideas to results.”

A mathematics major who began his career at BoozAllen, Victor loves to build things, whether it’s startups, turn-rounds, or accelerations. Curiosity compels him to figure out what makes people and teams tick, and he sees this is an effort of both imagination and problem solving. “People are more capable than they know, “he says. “They just need to figure out the methods to unlock their natural skills.”

Believing that greatness comes from the combined energies of the team, Victor seeks to create environments that foster different perspectives, talents, and experiences. Advocating an outside-in perspective that doesn’t get stuck in the internal market, Victor likes to set clear ambitions aligned with a non-negotiated view of what the market expects. “That guides where and how I set the bar,” he says. His mission is to make Fastmarkets the example of a firm that delivered breakout growth while creating career moments that everyone looks to as their core building block.

Victor holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Vermont. Prior to joining Fastmarkets as CMO in 2020, Victor was CMO at Forrester.

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