Eurometrec, the EU scrap recyclers’ federation, has voiced its support for an EU regulation determining when copper scrap ceases to be waste, but remains hopeful that a review of the criteria will address concerns about a controversial foreign material limit.

For recycling associations, such as the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) and the British Metals Recycling Assn (BMRA), the EU decision to recommend a 2% foreign materials limit – as opposed to the 5% threshold they had lobbied for – has been met with much resistance, as the BIR estimates that 90-95% of the copper scrap their members process and trade will continue to be classified as waste

Eurometrec, the BIR's daughter organisation, has reiterated that, despite the lower-than-lobbied-for percentage, it does support a decision on the policy. 

“Eurometrec fully supports that the Council of the European Union [has] come to an agreement on the proposed Council Regulation establishing criteria determining when copper scrap ceases to be waste. Eurometrec thanks those member state experts that also raised [the issue of] the 5% instead of 2% threshold,” Eurometrec President Robert Voss said in a statement

Eurometrec remains hopeful, however, that the threshold could be readdressed in future.

“Crucially, Eurometrec would not want to see the regulation fail to get support at the council on account of the threshold. After all, one of the regulation’s recitals allows for review of the criteria,” Voss added.

Fleur Ritzema
Twitter: FleurRitzema_MB