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The country’s exports will exceed 22 million tonnes in 2013 even though some markets are slowing down, the group added.

In 2012, Turkey’s exports to the European Union decreased by 35% compared with 2011, DCUD general secretary Veysel Yayan said.

Turkey’s exporters balanced the lack of demand from Europe by exporting to the Middle East, North Africa and the USA, DCUD said.

The country’s steel production grew by 5.2% in 2012, it added, outstripping the global average of 1.2%.

The association emphasised the importance of production growth in the country’s South Mediterranean region, where crude steel production increased by 11.9% to 12 million tonnes in 2012.

The country’s total production increased by 1.78 million tonnes in 2012, with 72% of the volume provided by the south Mediterranean region, DCUD said.