The Fanya Metal Exchange is planning to launch an antimony contract as it builds its suite of products in the minor metals market, an official told Metal Bulletin.

The Fanya exchange has been researching the antimony contracts for the past few months as it sets about adding three to four new commodities to its listings this year. It has already spoken to producers and traders in the market about the possibility of the new listing, according to sources. 

One source said the antimony contract would be launched within the next few months, but the exchange will not confirm the exact timing of the antimony listing.

“Antimony is on our list but we […] are not able to disclose the time of the listing,” an official at the Fanya exchange said.

Selenium and tellurium are also being considered for listing on the exchange, and, in the selenium market, rumours of commercial stockpiling on Fanya have started to boost prices

The exchange already offers contracts for indium, bismuth, germanium, gallium, ammonium paratungstate, silver and cobalt.

In some cases, investor demand on the Fanya exchange has driven up minor metal prices, in particular for indium, where prices are creeping towards $800 per kg, and more recently in the bismuth market

“Looking at the other metals, there seems to be quite an upwards momentum when they are listed. Whether that will happen with antimony is difficult to say, but the exchange seems to add more liquidity to the markets,” a trader said.

Others predicted that the listing would push antimony prices up, as it would give suppliers an alternative buyer to consumers, but some said that the exchange still has to address concerns about the lack of liquidity in the minor metals markets. 

Trioxide-grade antimony was trading at $9,700-950 per tonne on Wednesday February 19, while standard grade II was trading at $9,600-850.

Standard grade II antimony prices in domestic China stood at 59,500-61,500 yuan ($9,743-10,070) per tonne.  

It is expected that standard grade II will be the antimony grade listed on the Fanya.

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Chloe Smith
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