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Following a market consultation, Metal Bulletin and Steel First will discontinue the daily China import iron ore fines (63.5%) assessment at the end of March 2014.

The aim is to consolidate iron ore pricing under our leading index methodology. 

Metal Bulletin has been tracking the Chinese iron ore spot market since it's creation in 2004.

Today, Metal Bulletin provides ten individual
iron ore indices, each representing different parts of the iron ore market:
  • 62% Fe Fines
  • 58% Fe Fines
  • 58% Fe High Specification Premium
  • 65% Fe Brazilian Premium
  • 63% Australian Lump Premium
  • 65% Fe Blast Furnace Pellet
  • 66% Fe Concentrate
  • 62% China Port Stock Index
  • Value-in-Use Index for Iron content
  • Value-in-Use Index for Silica content

The last daily assessment for 63.5% Fe iron ore fines will be published on Monday March 31. 

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