International resources company Sherritt has confirmed that all nine of its nominees were elected to its board at the annual and special meeting on Tuesday May 6.

This means none of the nominees put forward by the “concerned shareholders group”, led by George Armoyan and Clarke Inc, were elected.

At the vote, incumbent chairman Harold “Hap” Stephen retained his position, with 165,369,924 votes, while Armoyan received 54,437,531 votes.

A total of 201,882,004 shares, or 67.91% of Sherritt’s eligible common shares, were voted at the meeting, Sherritt said.

Shareholders also voted against all four of the other proposals put forward at the meeting by the group led by Clarke Inc.

These included proposals for unanimous board approval for significant acquisitions, annual say on board pay, annual say on executive pay and the elimination of special perquisites for directors.

“I want to thank all shareholders for their feedback, engagement and continued support of the corporation during the election process. We believe that the result is in the best interests of shareholders and the corporation,” Stephen said in a statement.

“With the proxy contest behind us, your board remains committed to representing the interests of all shareholders. In addition, Sherritt's emphasis on shareholder communication and engagement will continue.”

The resolution to approve amendments to the company’s by-law no.1 and the resolution to appoint an external auditor and set the auditor’s compensation were also approved during the meeting.

The amendments to by-law no.1 included increasing the minimum requirement for meetings of the board of directors from two-fifths to a simple majority.

Sherritt’s products include nickel and cobalt.

The full list of nominees and the votes they received is below:

Sherritt nominees        Votes for
Harold “Hap” Stephen       165,369,924
Timothy Baker                   156,395,257
R. Peter Gillin                     156,320,665
Sir Richard Lapthorne       156,053,560
Adrian Loader                   156,315,511
Edythe A. (Dee) Marcoux 146,754,032
Bernard Michel                  146,885,491
Lisa Pankratz                    156,732,607
David Pathe                       165,633,504

Clarke nominees
George Armoyan                 54,437,531
Ashwath Mehra                   34,176,896
David Wood                          33,880,007
Dustin Haw                             1,998,097
Michael Rapps                         2,022,961

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Claire Hack
Twitter: @clairehack_mb