For the first eight months following its launch (as well as the six-month internally-calculated history), the Fastmarkets MB 65% Fe Brazil-origin iron ore fines index was published as a premium over the Fastmarkets MB 62% Fe iron ore fines index. In September 2014, the format was changed to an outright, standalone value. This change in structure explains the large jump in price shown in the historical series on Price Book and in the Excel Add-In. In the interest of consistency and clarity, Fastmarkets has amended the full data series prior to September 2014 (adding the 62% Fe Fines Index and 65% Fe Premium over this period) to present the index as an outright figure for its full history. This is the same way that it is presented in the MBIOI website historical file.
Please click here to see the complete historical price series for the Fastmarkets MB 65% Fe Brazil-origin iron ore fines index, use Fastmarkets Excel Add-in or download the Historical spreadsheet on the website.

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