NEWS – Indonesia tightens security on unauthorised ore exports; more tin seized

Singapore 21/03/2014 – The police seized more than 40 tonnes of illegal tin ore at a warehouse in Bangka regency, Bangka-Belitung Islands, an Indonesian police chief told a local news source.

Bangka Police chief, Bagus Rai Erliyanto, said the warehouse owner, Ki Shina, 60, could provide no legal documentation relating to the ownership of the tin ore. Ki claimed that the tin ore was brought from state-owned tin miner PT Timah, although the latter claimed it only allowed its partners to mine tin provided the tin ore was stored at the company’s own warehouse.

The seizure of tin which might be illegal has increased in Indonesia in recent months since the ore export ban was implemented in January this year.

In early March, the Indonesian navy seized a shipment of 2,822 tonnes of tin from a vessel en route to Singapore from Bangka where the cargo was held at Batam port. The tin shipments were suspected to be not in accordance with the trade ministry rule, although 73 containers out of the 134 has been cleared by the navy to be released.  

Erliyanto added that he would strengthen surveillance to prevent illegal activities including storing, mining and smuggling of tin at locations prone to such activities such as along riverbanks and beaches.