Lead prices and charts

The lead prices and charts below use data published directly from the London Metal Exchange that is delayed by 24 hours. Static prices will be published at midnight UK time.

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Lead prices

Lead Date Value
LME Official Cash Ask ($/MT) 21 May $2,360.00
LME Official 3M Ask ($/MT) 21 May $2,367.00
LME Averages Cash Ask ($/MT) Apr 2018 $2,357.38
LME Averages 3M Ask ($/MT) Apr 2018 $2,358.28
LME Warehouse Stock (Close) 21 May 133,275
LME Warehouse Stock (+/-) 21 May -450
LME Volumes 21 May 45,619

(Data is from previous business day)

FastMarkets Lead Indicative Closes Date Value
Lead Cash (USD/MT) 21 May 2,399.75
Lead 3M (USD/MT) 21 May 2,415.00
Lead Cash (EUR/MT) 21 May 2,034.32
Lead 3M (EUR/MT) 21 May 2,033.37
Lead Cash (GBP/MT) 21 May 1,786.45
Lead 3M (GBP/MT) 21 May 1,790.21
Lead Cash (JPY/MT) 21 May 266,257.06
Lead 3M (JPY/MT) 21 May 266,289.07
Lead Cash (CNY/MT) 21 May 15,319.04
Lead 3M (CNY/MT) 21 May 15,585.05
Lead Cash (AUD/MT) 21 May 3,162.56
Lead 3M (AUD/MT) 21 May 3,181.26
Lead Cash (CHF/MT) 21 May 2,391.69
Lead 3M (CHF/MT) 21 May 2,387.66
Lead Cash (CAD/MT) 21 May 3,066.16
Lead 3M (CAD/MT) 21 May 3,079.81

(Indicative FastMarkets prices derived from LME data from the previous business day)

Lead charts

Lead 3M ($) Last Week
Lead 3M ($) Last Month
Lead 3M ($) Last Year
Lead 3M ($) Long term
Lead Warehouse Stocks
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