Zinc prices and charts

The zinc prices and charts below use data published directly from the London Metal Exchange with a 24-hour delay. Static prices will be published at midnight UK time.

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Zinc prices

Zinc Date Value
LME Official Cash Ask ($/MT) 11 Dec $3,106.50
LME Official 3M Ask ($/MT) 11 Dec $3,102.00
LME Averages Cash Ask ($/MT) Nov 2017 $3,236.16
LME Averages 3M Ask ($/MT) Nov 2017 $3,197.61
LME Warehouse Stock (Close) 11 Dec 199,425
LME Warehouse Stock (+/-) 11 Dec -1,700
LME Volumes 11 Dec 114,985

(Data is from previous business day)

FastMarkets Zinc Indicative Closes Date Value
Zinc Cash (USD/MT) 11 Dec 3,130.50
Zinc 3M (USD/MT) 11 Dec 3,130.00
Zinc Cash (EUR/MT) 11 Dec 2,658.15
Zinc 3M (EUR/MT) 11 Dec 2,639.86
Zinc Cash (GBP/MT) 11 Dec 2,345.47
Zinc 3M (GBP/MT) 11 Dec 2,335.37
Zinc Cash (JPY/MT) 11 Dec 355,465.14
Zinc 3M (JPY/MT) 11 Dec 353,330.75
Zinc Cash (CNY/MT) 11 Dec 20,718.90
Zinc 3M (CNY/MT) 11 Dec 20,916.62
Zinc Cash (AUD/MT) 11 Dec 4,157.92
Zinc 3M (AUD/MT) 11 Dec 4,156.24
Zinc Cash (CHF/MT) 11 Dec 3,104.20
Zinc 3M (CHF/MT) 11 Dec 3,078.51
Zinc Cash (CAD/MT) 11 Dec 4,024.04
Zinc 3M (CAD/MT) 11 Dec 4,014.44

(Indicative FastMarkets prices derived from LME data from the previous business day)

Zinc Charts

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Zinc 3M ($) Last Month
Zinc 3M ($) Last Year
Zinc 3M ($) Long term

Zinc Warehouse Stocks
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