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What is the Global Ferroalloys Club?

Our Global Ferroalloys Club has been developed to connect peers across the global buying, trading and selling communities with each other and our world-class Fastmarkets experts, to cut through the noise and uncover what is really going on and driving markets in order to trade successfully.

Year round connections will be provided by our dedicated networking tool, in addition to regular exclusive online briefings from our Fastmarkets experts, thought leadership webinars, market forecasts and overviews, virtual roundtables and CEO interviews. Opening up new markets and customers and arming members with the critical connections, prices, data insights and market information they need when they need it and ahead of contract negotiations. Fastmarkets will further convene members at larger scale networking events during the key negotiation periods.

Why join the club?

There are many benefits to joining our Global Ferroalloys Club. Here are just some of the great reasons:

Exclusive events & content for club members

  • International Ferroalloys Conference, November 9-11

    The flagship event for the global ferroalloys community 

  • Tools for trading briefing, January 2021

    Top level briefing sessions led by Fastmarkets experts and analysts

  • Webinar: South Africa

    February 2021

  • Webinar: India

    March 2021

  • Tools for trading briefing,   April 2021

    Top level briefing sessions led by Fastmarkets experts and analysts

  • US Ferroalloys Conference: Previously Held October 14, 2020

    Gain access to this conferences presentations, insights and network