10th World Lead Conference

Event Details

Connecting the entire lead supply chain to prepare for the future

Create new contacts and investment opportunities and connect with senior executives from across the global lead supply chain.

Discuss the important challenges and opportunities facing the market with industry experts and thought leaders.

Topics this year will include:

  • Primary supply gap, market share opportunities for secondary lead and secondary lead capacity in China
  • Lead recycling – a question of optimisation?
  • The future of battery use, technology advancements and opportunities
  • Lead-acid versus lithium in electric vehicles
  • Renewable energy storage batteries
  • Key advantages of SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition) batteries in a nutshell

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Lead & Zinc

Due to popular demand this year we have collocated our seminar with the 22nd Zinc & its Markets Seminar.

Producers and traders will be able to network with all of their clients as we welcome over 200 attendees across the two events.

Thursday morning, 22 March, will be dedicated to both events, covering topics like:

  • Supply and demand dynamics
  • Mine closures and increased environmental inspections impact on Chinese mining industry
  • Update on mining capacity and production from several regions such as Africa, Australia, Iran and Mexico

Delegates registered for one of the conferences will have access to both.