22nd Zinc & its Markets Seminar

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Providing crucial industry insight and analysis for more than 20 years

The only event that caters for the entire zinc supply chain, bringing together a wide range of high level decision makers and industry stakeholders.

Networking is a key feature, with traders, producers and end-users high in attendance every year.

Unrivalled in our independent and unbiased presentations and discussions, this is the only conference to offer an objective approach to market issues.

Topics this year will include:

  • Zinc: A bullish or bearish future?
  • Supply and demand dynamics on global scale and with special attention to recent developments in China
  • European galvanizers unite: supply and demand drivers and regulation changes
  • How is the zinc diecasting industry coping with the high zinc price?
  • Promising renewable energy technologies: have you heard of the zinc battery?
  • Zinc recycling: challenges, processes and opportunities

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Zinc & Lead

Due to popular demand this year we have collocated our seminar with the 10th World Lead Conference.

Producers and traders will be able to network with all of their clients as we welcome over 200 attendees across the two events.

Thursday morning, 22 March, will be dedicated to both events, covering topics like:

  • Supply and demand dynamics
  • Mine closures and increased environmental inspections impact on Chinese mining industry
  • Update on mining capacity and production from several regions such as Africa, Australia, Iran and Mexico