10 new FastMarkets features launched in 2015

We have been working hard throughout 2015 to develop new features and services for our FastMarkets Professional and FastMarkets Precious Metals Professional products. As the year draws to a close, we would like to highlight some of the new features we have launched over the past 12 months.

Please note: some links will require subscriptions to FastMarkets Professional.

1. FastMarkets MyInstruments
The most popular feature that we have launched this year, MyInstruments allows users of FastMarkets Professional to create live pricing instruments by combining them with existing instruments in FastMarkets Professional or with numerical constants. It has application possibilities in all metals industries and is unique to the FastMarkets Professional platform. Click here to learn more.

2. FastMarkets Precious Metals Professional
This year we launched a new FastMarkets platform directed at serving businesses in the precious metals industry with our industry-leading news, research, physicals data and pricing tools alongside all the important precious metals market data – including live LBMA Precious Metal Prices and our Gold Physicals reports. This platform will replace the existing BullionDesk paid-subscription service in 2016. Request a free trial here.

3. Live LBMA Prices (Fixes) and auction round data for precious metals
Live LBMA Prices (fixes) for gold, silver, platinum and palladium became subscription-liable in 2015 – FastMarkets is only one of three providers that can provide all three prices live. FastMarkets became an official supplier of these important benchmark prices and can provide them to subscribers of FastMarkets Professional, FastMarkets Precious Metals Professional or as a live data feed. Find Out More – LBMA Gold Price, LBMA Platinum & Palladium

4. Gold Physical Premiums
In August, FastMarkets published its first Gold Physical Premiums Report. It offers insight into the widely unreported gold premiums in Asia and the Middle East, bringing transparency to these often closed-off markets. You can find out more about this report and view a sample report and accompanying commentary here.

5. Aluminium Foundry Alloys Report
The most recent addition to our constantly expanding physicals coverage. This quarterly report and accompanying commentary covers nominal spot premium indications for wheel silicon 7 foundry alloys (ALSI7MGSr and EN AB42 100 Sr) traded in Germany, Eastern Europe and the US Midwest – with Asia soon to be added to the report next year. Access a free copy of the latest report (Dec 2015) and find out more about the report here.

6. Zinc and Lead TCs Report
FastMarkets’ zinc and lead TCs report covers movements in treatment charges for zinc concentrates as well as those for both high- and low-silver lead concentrates. It provides an informative update on supply and demand for zinc and lead concentrates as well as on annual negotiations.

Published on a monthly basis since February this year, the report has been well received by the marketplace and accompanies FastMarkets’ continuing news coverage of market and business movements in the concentrates space.
View a sample copy of the report here.

7. Expanded coverage of the weekly Base Metals Physical Premiums Report
Our physicals team has been working hard this year to increase the number of contributions per week to our reports as well as the number of locations covered. All of this effort to build an unrivalled global network in the industry has helped us to maintain our position as the provider of the most detailed reports on what is happening in the global physical premium market. View a sample report

All of our physical prices can also be charted or combined with live price feeds using MyInstruments to offer you a more accurate reflection of the changing price of physical metals in specific regions.

8. Increased news coverage
This year we have invested heavily in our news team to expand our coverage of the metals markets in Asia and North America – this includes the launch of US Webcasts and our popular opinion pieces from our leading team of industry reporters, providing you with even more information on what is affecting the metals markets across the globe.

9. Increased technical and fundamental analysis on the metals markets
The FastMarkets Research Team has increased its coverage in 2015, introducing new reports that expand upon our fundamental and technical analysis of the base and precious metals markets. New coverage includes TODAY Reports (daily in-depth reports on a specific metal), Snapshot reports, separate daily and weekly ETF reports, industry spotlights and new HTML5 charts.

10. Increased coverage of the LME, CME and SHFE
The major metals exchanges in London, Chicago and Shanghai have rolled out several new contracts this year. At FastMarkets we pride ourselves on providing complete coverage of LME contracts and reports and comprehensive coverage of all relevant CME and SHFE metal contracts, all of which are available through both the FastMarkets Professional platform and our data feed services.

More to come in 2016…
In 2016 we will launch even more new features to FastMarkets Professional, FastMarkets Precious Metals Professional and our data feeds services. Many important new features will be launched in early 2016 so keep an eye on our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any.

Want to learn more about these features?
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