Metal Bulletin Apex Report – Now available on the FastMarkets platform

  • Great news! The Metals Bulletin APEX Report for Q4 2016 is now available to research subscribers on the FastMarkets Platform!
    Metal Bulletin Apex report

    What is the APEX report?
    The Metal Bulletin APEX report collects the forecasts of the world’s leading metals analysts and ranks them for accuracy as well as providing a collective intelligence forecast weighted according to the accuracy of previous forecasts provided by analysts.

    Each analyst that takes part provides a forecast for each of the next 4 quarters

    The report covers copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, nickel, tin, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, iron ore and coking coal.
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    You can download a sample copy of a previous report (Q2 2016) here.

    How to get the latest report?

    To get the latest copy of the MetalBulletin Apex report (Q4 2016) you need to be subscribed to the FastMarkets Research component.

    To upgrade your account to this subscription, please contact your account manager by emailing or calling one of our regional offices.
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    About FastMarkets Research

    FastMarkets research subscriptions include:

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    • Economic data updates as and when they happen.

    All FastMarkets Research reports are quick-to-read and offer clear summaries of the bull and bear factors that have been taken into account. This allows you to quickly understand the reasons to why the market may change in the future.

    FastMarkets Research provides both deep and detailed insights and quick short-term indications, so that your forecasting needs are met.
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