Understand and track what is happening in timber production, timberland ownership and the demand drivers behind it all

Sustainability concerns, government policies, and mergers and acquisitions have the potential to shift the market. Deferral areas like those in British Columbia create uncertainty on supply.

Labor shortages, and supply chain challenges and more extreme weather events only add to the confusion. Global events and macroeconomic forces will continue to influence the industry’s output in unexpected ways. Track news, prices and forecasts to keep on top of the market.

Get profiles and information on 1,000+ timberland ownership groups and TIMOs, in 80+ countries. Understand the details of 700+ North American and 200+ international timberland transactions.

What’s happening in the timber market today?

Gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the North American and global timber and woodfiber markets. Understand what’s behind your price and what can impact your business.

Will lumber demand drop and what does that mean for lumber prices? Fastmarkets’ Dustin Jalbert shares his outlook
With the market seemingly heading in one direction, could the opposite happen?
North American housing start continued to underperform towards end of last year
Lumber imports to the US see a late surge when compared to previous year’s performance
A deeper look at mass timber as a building material, sustainability potential and growth expectations
An updated assessment on the US demographics and the challenges ahead for the housing, lumber and wood panel markets
Cut trunks at Lake of Fortebuso, Dolomites, Italy.
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  • Whitewoods #3 Sawmill, delivered Puget Sound & Twin Harbors
  • Whitewoods #4 Sawmill, delivered Puget Sound & Twin Harbors
  • Douglas-Fir Pulpwood, delivered Puget Sound & Twin Harbors
pile of wood harvest in pine forest in sunlight
Find out how we assess and forecast prices for pulp, wood, biomass and more
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Unmatched price data on over 80 sub-grades across the market
Keep up to date with the latest news, and be in the know about critical market shifts
Get expert insights into the market changes ahead
Find out how we assess and forecast prices for pulp, wood, biomass and more
Get behind-the-scenes industry data to manage risk and spot opportunities.
We recognize the importance of being clear about our price assessment and index process. Our independently audited pricing process aligns with core IOSCO principles and we have successfully completed assurance reviews for our financial benchmarks in metals and mining, forest products and agriculture.
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