Finance industry

Metals markets intelligence, news, research and physicals for the finance industry
FastMarkets Professional can provide bankers, brokers and analysts in the finance industry with the information and live prices you need to develop a clear understanding of what is happening in the metals markets. The research, news, physicals reports and market data we provide will help you to form a clear opinion about where the markets might be heading and make better-informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Live metal prices and market data

    Live LME, CME and SHFE market data, as well as precious metals, FX, and treasury data. View available data
  • Physical market reports and prices

    Weekly premiums for LME-traded base metals and gold – combining prices, stocks and qualitative analysis over multiple locations. We also provide reports on Zinc TCs, Lead TC/RCs, Copper TC/RCs and monthly aluminium billet premiums.
  • Metal industry news

    Timely and accurate news reports on the global metals market from our reporters in Singapore, London and Chicago. Reporting from the LME floor on a daily basis.
  • Independent metal research

    FastMarkets’ research team team provide expert technical and fundamental analysis with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on major base and precious metals.
  • Spotlight reports

    A one-page analysis and forecast of a specific metal. Covering the upcoming bearish, bullish and swing factors and indications for the short, medium and long term.
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop enabled

    FastMarkets Professional‘s browser-based platform is easy to configure to your viewing needs, whether it is one or multiple screens on a desktop, via a tablet or mobile. No software/app installation necessary.
  • Data feeds

    FastMarkets Data Feeds can provide you with the market data you need to integrate with your IT systems.
  • MyInstruments data feed builder

    This tool, unique to FastMarkets Professional, takes live market data (metal prices, FX rates, physical premiums) and combine them with your own rules to build custom data feeds.
  • DDE

    Export metal prices and market data to your spreadsheets using FastMarkets DDE server.