China’s crude steel output reaches year’s low in November, NBS says

China’s daily crude steel output in November stood at 2.029 million tpd, the lowest level so far this year, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Tuesday December 10.

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This was a 3.3% drop from that recorded in October, it said.

November’s total output was up 4.2% on the year, at 60.88 million tonnes.

China Iron & Steel Assn’s data showed crude steel output during the month totalling 63.67 million tonnes, 4.6% higher than NBS’ figure.

“Stricter environmental controls curbed crude steel production in November,” a steel mill source in Hebei province said.

“Steel mills may have reported lower output as demand slowed down with the onset of winter,” an industry analyst in Beijing said.

January’s daily output of 2.052 million tpd was the second lowest recorded this year.