China’s crude steel output up 0.4% in late November

China’s crude steel output for the last 10 days of November increased by 0.4% from the middle of the month, according to estimates by China Iron & Steel Assn (Cisa).

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Daily crude steel output totalled 1.9599 million tonnes in late November, compared with 1.952 million tonnes in the second 10 days of the month.

Cisa members, including state-owned and large steel mills, contributed a daily volume of 1.641 million tonnes, up 0.5% over the same period.

“Though the fall in long product prices in November gave some steel mills a hard time, firm prices of flats offset the negative effect and encouraged steel mills to produce more,” an industry analyst in Beijing said.

The average daily crude steel output for the whole of November was 1.956 million tonnes.