FastMarkets Launches Gold Physical Premiums Reports

FastMarkets’ new Gold Physical Premiums Reports are now available to FastMarkets Professional Subscribers

In August, FastMarkets published its first Gold Physical Premiums Report. The report offers insight into the widely unreported market of gold premiums in Asia and the Middle East and adds to our already industry-leading coverage of the physical metals market.

The new and enhanced report offers tables and commentary that aim to shed light on the increasingly popular eastern markets where demand for physical gold kilobars often sees local metal trading at a premium to London.

The report covers eight separate locations across Asia and the Middle East on a weekly basis, with new locations to be added in future. It includes insights from some of the industry’s top dealers and analysts, bringing increased transparency to these often closed-off markets.

The report also covers a variety of different kilobar brands dependent on the market, including 99.99% in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore and 99.5% in Istanbul, Mumbai and Dubai as well as LBMA brands.

While we have been publishing reports on the market for many years, our new methodology aims to be both more professional and compliant with increasingly stringent global regulations.

Locations covered in the report: Ahmedabad/Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok and Istanbul

How to access the reports and commentary
The gold premium reports, published on a weekly basis on Fridays, are available to subscribers to FastMarkets Professional or FastMarkets Precious Metals Professional and can be accessed through the Physicals tab on the FastMarkets platform.

The accompanying commentary on the report is available to subscribers to our news service. It can be accessed via the news on the FastMarkets Platform. The most recent commentary is available for as a free sample on

Links to reports:
Gold Physical Premiums Report – Aug 28 (Available to subscribers to Fastmarkets Professional and Fastmarkets Precious Metals Professional)

Free Gold Physical Premiums Commentary – Aug 28 (Available to all via

Free Sample Gold Physical Premiums Report – August 14

If you are interested in subscribing to FastMarkets Gold Physicals market coverage, you can take a trial of our subscription services by completing our free trial request form, emailing or calling one of our regional offices (EMEA: +44 (0)20 7264 2476, Americas: +1 (312) 9294200, Asia: +65 6242 7089).