Pakistan’s scrap, iron, steel imports stable in H2 2012

Pakistan imported 851,983 tonnes of steel scrap in the second half of 2012, according to data recently published by the country’s Bureau of Statistics.

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The volume is a 2% increase over the corresponding period last year, when the country imported 835,061 tonnes.

Total iron and steel imports reached 833,310 tonnes in the second half of 2012, also up by 2% on the same period in 2011, when they reached 816,275 tonnes.

The Bureau of Statistics announced that the country’s steel imports totalled 686,899 tonnes in the second half of 2012, a 5.16% increase year-on-year.

Scrap imports fell significantly in December 2012 to 101,203 tonnes, down by 45% against the 184,270 tonnes imported in December 2011.

Iron and steel imports in December 2012 were 129,671 tonnes, 3% less than December 2011’s 134,132 tonnes.

Political, social and economic problems have reduced demand for steel products in the country, and electricity shortages continue to affect not only steel production but consumption.

Pakistani sources believe that tonnages will be low again in 2013 as there is no sign of significant improvement in the steel sector.