Security Issue FAQs

What exactly happened?
An unknown third party inserted a snippet of JavaScript code into certain of our webpages.

Why would a third party do this?
Hackers use malware in order to ‘take over’ a device. They may do this by infecting a device with a virus or ransomware, or use that device to attack a third party device at a later date or to steal password information in order to access personal data.

Is the website safe to visit now?
Yes, it is.

Was any personal data accessed?
We have carried out robust checks and are confident it was not.

I use the FastMarkets platform Could I have received a virus or malware from that site?
No, the FastMarkets platform is a separate site and was not affected.

You are recommending that I run an anti-virus check, does my device have a virus from this malware?
Since only certain webpages were affected and we’d expect your browser or anti-virus software to protect your device, we think it is unlikely that your device is affected. However, we recommend you run an anti-virus check on any device(s) you used to access the site between 24/12/16 and 26/10/17 as a precaution.

We also recommend that you change any passwords you use regularly online.

How do I run an anti-virus scan?
Use your anti-virus software or an app. If you need help, please email us (see below).

Have other Euromoney or Metal Bulletin sites been affected by this malware?
No, only the site.

What can I do if I have any questions or concerns?
Please email