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Fastmarkets platform

Commodity markets are moving fast

Our platform was built for this reality

Experience the difference

Whether you buy, sell or trade in commodities, our new platform gives you back the control to understand and react quicker to market changes.

Very easy and intuitive to work the different widgets and get them just the way you want

Jim Noble - HMM USA

Price data


The Fastmarkets platform displays over 2000 proprietary prices, hundreds of exchange prices, and over 80 editorially curated market pages and newsletters for specific commodities as well as end-markets such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.  

Our prices are auditable and compliant assessments that always adhere to IOSCO conforming methodologies. But Fastmarkets offers more than just numbers on a screen – the platform also enriches data so you can discover hidden connections and meaningful relationships. This powerful combination of consistency, functionality, stability, and deep context enables you to trade, benchmark within contracts, value inventory, or hedge with confidence. 

Market intelligence


Insight is currency. A dynamic marketplace demands intelligence that paints a fuller picture and explains the ‘why’. To be competitive, you must seek out the deeper meaning that underpins events – only then can you understand the drivers behind price/spread movements or the potential motives behind company decisions. The Fastmarkets platform provides easy-to-digest newsletters that keep you informed in a matter of minutes. 

News digests


The Fastmarkets platform enables you to aggregate news for different markets, including all metals, base metals, industrial metals, ores and alloys, scrap, steel, and steel raw materials. These daily emails consolidate news of the day and enable you to keep apace with the market or dive deeper into specific news stories.  

Exchange data


The Fastmarkets platform provides select exchange data from the London Metal Exchange, CME Group, and the Shanghai Futures Exchange. Transparent and standardized Fastmarkets premiums and assessment combined with futures prices give you a full view of the physical and paper markets around the world.