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Thank you for being a valued customer.

The Fastmarkets platform provides a simple but powerful environment for you to easily, see, understand, and make decisions about price data, news, and market insights.  You can easily customize the Fastmarkets platform to exactly the data you need and how you wish to see the data. 

Today’s markets are increasingly dynamic, impacted by Covid-19 and affected by the supply change changes driven from governments and commercial players.  Given the dynamism, you need an easy and powerful way to see, understand, and anticipate the market to put you and your company in the best position possible.
  • Get critical price data; customized to what you want

    The Fastmarkets platform enables you to see price data on the market prices most important to you, and enables you to easily contextualize price by looking at related and adjacent markets.  

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  • Customize how you see news

    Our newsletter is easily customized by the markets you care about and based on how you want to read the news. 

  • Analyzing price trends

    Our historical data enables you to see price trends and patterns, giving you context for the current price and enabling you to anticipate where you see price going.  

  • Integrate price data into my systems and workflows

    We enable you to easily integrate our price data into your systems and workflows through our Excel Add-In and API, enabling you to apply trusted price data in the decision you make.  

  • Access Fastmarkets on-the-go

    You can take the Fastmarkets platform wherever you are – whether that is in the yard or on the go – ensuring you are up-to-speed wherever you are. [No text in field]

  • Get alerts on critical market events

    Customize and get alerts on the markets you care most about, staying current on market events as they occur.