Available Metal Prices and Market Data

Below is a list of market data and metals prices that can be displayed on FastMarkets Professional or provided by us as a FastMarkets Data Feed.

Historic data
FastMarkets carries extensive records of LME, CME, SHFE and LBMA data as well as FX and spot prices. We are also the only company to carry our FastMarkets premium prices for Gold, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Zinc, Lead and Tin.

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LME Data

Key Contracts
LME 3M Select
LME 3M Floor
LME Cash & Indications
LME C-3M Spread & Indications
Copper Overview
Aluminium Overview
Nickel Overview
Zinc Overview
Lead Overview
Tin Overview
Al.Alloy Overview
NASAAC Overview
Steel Overview
Cobalt Overview
Molybdenum Overview
LME Rings
LME Copper Ring
LME Aluminium Ring
LME Nickel Ring
LME Zinc Ring
LME Lead Ring
LME Tin Ring
LME Alloy Ring
LME Steel Billet Ring
LME Cobalt Ring
LME Molybdenum Ring
Lowest Prices($)
Lowest Crosses

Imperial conversions
3M Select $/lb
3M Floor $/lb
Cash $/lb
C-3M $/lb
3M Select c/lb
3M Floor c/lb
Cash c/lb
C-3M c/lb
LME 3M c/lb
Cash, 3M & Midwest Assessments c/lb

Benchmark Prices
LME Official Prices
LME Averages
Futures Evening Evaluations
Officials Conversion $/lb
Officials Conversion c/lb
LME Asian Reference Prices
LME Unofficial Prices
LME Close Prices
Indicative Forward Curve
Provisional Futures Evening Evaluation
LME Official Premiums

Live Forwards
LME Prime Forwards
LME Live Copper Forwards & Indications
LME Live Aluminium Forwards & Indications
LME Live Nickel Forwards & Indications
LME Live Zinc Forwards & Indications
LME Live Lead Forwards & Indications
LME Live Tin Forwards & Indications
LME Live Al.Alloy Forwards & Indications
LME Live NASAAC Forwards & Indications
LME Live Steel Billet Forwards & Indications
LME Live Cobalt Forwards & Indications
LME Live Molybdenum Forwards & Indications
LME Aluminium US Premium Forwards
LME Aluminium Western Europe Premium Forwards
LME Aluminium East Asia Premium Forwards
LME Aluminium South East Asia Premium Forwards
LME Steel Scrap Forwards
LME Steel Rebar Forwards

Live Spreads
LME Copper Spreads
LME Aluminium Spreads
LME Nickel Spreads
LME Zinc Spreads
LME Lead Spreads
LME Tin Spreads
LME Al.Alloy Spreads
LME Steel Billet Spreads
LME Cobalt Spreads
LME Molybdenum Spreads

LME Volumes
Forwards Open Interest Summary (Previous Day)
Forwards Volume & Open Interest
Forwards Banding Report
Warrant Holdings
LME Market Open Interest

LME Option Volumes
LME Options Open Interest Summary (Previous Day)
Options Open Interest & Volume by month and strike
LME Market Open Interest
LME Options Matched Trades
Provisional Auto-Declared Options
Final Auto-Declared Options
Contributed Volatilities and Strikes
TAPO Moving Averages & Settlement Averages
TAPO Notional Averages

Monthly Average Futures
LME Monthly Average Futures Volumes
LME Monthly Average Futures Volume & Open Interest
LME Monthly Average Futures Market Open Interest
LME Copper Monthly Average Futures
LME Aluminium Monthly Average Futures
LME Nickel Monthly Average Futures
LME Zinc Monthly Average Futures
LME Lead Monthly Average Futures
LME Tin Monthly Average Futures
LME Aluminium Alloy Monthly Average Futures
LME NASAAC Monthly Average Futures

Warehouse Stocks
Warehouse Stocks
LME Warehouse Stocks(by location)

LME FX Rates
LME Official FX Rates
LME FX Forward Rates

Currency Crosses
LME Official Crosses
Indicative 3M Crosses
Indicative Cash Crosses
Inndicative C-3 Crosses
LME 3M Select EUR

Key Dates and Times
LME Dates
LME Floor Session

CME Data

Key Data
CME Settlement Prices
CME Warehouse Stocks
CME Monthly Settlement Prices & Averages
CME Trades Download
COMEX Continuation Contracts c/lb
NYMEX Continuation Contracts c/lb

Non Ferrous Metals
COMEX Copper Futures
COMEX Copper Spreads
COMEX Aluminum MW U.S. Transaction Premium Platts
COMEX Aluminum Futures
COMEX Zinc Futures
COMEX Aluminum European Premium (DUP Metal Bulletin)
COMEX Lead Futures
COMEX Copper Rolling Futures
COMEX Aluminum Rolling Futures
COMEX Aluminum MWUS Platts Premium Rolling Futures
COMEX Aluminum Japan Premium Platts

Ferrous Metals
NYMEX Ferrous Contracts
NYMEX Hot Rolled Coiled Steel
NYMEX Hot Rolled Coil Steel Rolling Futures
NYMEX Iron Ore 62% Fe, CFR China
NYMEX Iron Ore 62% Fe, China Rolling Futures
NYMEX U.S. Midwest Busheling Ferrous Scrap
NYMEX Steel Billet, FOB Black Sea(Platts)

Precious Metals
COMEX Gold Key Spreads
COMEX Gold Rolling Futures
COMEX Silver
COMEX Silver Key Spreads
COMEX Silver Rolling Futures
NYMEX Platinum
NYMEX Platinum Rolling Futures
NYMEX Platinum Key Spreads
NYMEX Palladium
NYMEX Palladium Rolling Futures
NYMEX Palladium Key Spreads

Oil & Gas
NYMEX Light Sweet Crude
NYMEX Natural Gas
NYMEX Heating Oil
NYMEX RBOB Gasoline (Physical)
NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil Rolling Futures
NYMEX Heating Oil Rolling Futures
NYMEX Natural Gas Rolling Futures
NYMEX RBOB Gasoline Rolling Futures


Key Data
SHFE Active Contracts
SHFE Futures
SHFE Monthly Settlement Prices and Averages
SHFE Warehouse Stocks
SHFE Close Prices

Base Metals
SHFE Base Metals (Yuan / tonne)
SHFE Copper Futures Strip (Yuan per tonne)
SHFE Aluminium Futures Strip (Yuan per tonne)
SHFE Nickel Futures Strip (Yuan per tonne)
SHFE Zinc Futures Strip (Yuan per tonne)
SHFE Lead Futures Strip (Yuan per tonne)
SHFE Tin Futures Strip (Yuan per tonne)

Ferrous Metals
SHFE Ferrous Metals (Yuan / tonne)

Precious Metals
SHFE Precious Metals

FastMarkets Physicals

Precious Metals
FastMarkets Gold Physical Premiums

Base Metals Physical Premiums
FastMarkets base metals physical premiums
Monthly Premium Averages & Trade Assessments
FastMarkets copper physical premiums
FastMarkets Aluminium physical premiums
FastMarkets Nickel physical premiums
FastMarkets Zinc physical premiums
FastMarkets Lead physical premiums
FastMarkets Tin physical premiums
FastMarkets Aluminium billet physical premiums
FastMarkets Copper TC / RC
FastMarkets Zinc TC
FastMarkets Lead TC / RC

London / Shanghai Copper Arbitrage

Precious Metals Data

Spot Prices
Precious Spot Prices
PGM Prices
Precious Metals Ratios and Premiums

LBMA Daily Prices
Live or Delayed LBMA Gold Prices
Live or Delayed LBMA Silver Prices
Live or Delayed LBMA Platinum Prices
Live or Delayed LBMA Palladium Prices
Live LBMA Auction Round Data

COMEX Precious Summary
NYMEX Precious Summary
Open Outcry Gold
COMEX Silver
Open Outcry Silver
NYMEX Platinum
NYMEX Palladium

SHFE Precious Metals

Currency Crosses
Precious Metal Crosses
European Gold & Silver Cross Rates
Americas Gold & Silver Cross Rates
Asia & Oceania Gold & Silver Cross Rates
Middle East & Africa Gold & Silver Cross Rates

Minor Metals

Antimony ($/tonne)
Bismuth ($/lb)
Cadmium 99.95 ($/lb)
Cadmium 99.99 ($/lb)
Cobalt 99.8 ($/lb)
Cobalt 99.3 ($/lb)
Ferro-Chrome (H) ($/lb)
Ferro-Chrome (L) ($/lb)
Gallium ($/kg)
Germanium ($/kg)
Germanium Dioxide ($/kg)
Indium ($/kg)
Manganese ($/tonne)
Mercury ($/flask)
Magnesium China FOB ($/tonne)
Molybdenum Oxide (W) ($/lb)
Ferro-Molybdenum (W) ($/kg)
APR (Basic $/Kg Re)
APR (Cat $/Kg Re)
Selenium ($/lb)
Ferro-Titanium ($/kg)
APT (Tungstate) ($/MTU)
Ferro-Tungsten ($/kg)
Vanadium-Pentoxide ($/lb)
Ferro-Vanadium ($/kg)
Tellurium $/kg
Minor metals data are nominal indications only

FX Rates

Live FX
Japanese Yen
Swiss Franc
Australian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar
Canadian Dollar
South African Rand
Indian Rupee
Russian Rouble
Chinese Yuan
Hong Kong Dollar
US Dollar Index

FX Fixes
LME Official FX Rates
ECB Rates
EuroFX © 2009 Reuters
NBP FX Rates
Bank of Canada FX (Noon Fix)
US Federal Reserve FX Fixes

FX Forward Rates
Forward FX Rates
LME FX Forward Rates
Indian Rupee Forwards
INR Onshore Rates
Chinese Yuan Offshore Forwards
EURGBP Forward FX Rates
GBPEUR Forward FX Rates

Treasury Data

Forward FX Outrights & Points
Forward EUR/USD Outrights & Points
Forward USD/JPY Outrights & Points
Forward GBP/USD Outrights & Points
Forward AUD/USD Outrights & Points
Forward USD/CHF Outrights & Points
Forward USD/CAD Outrights & Points

Interactive Deposit Rates
Indicative Eurodollar Deposit Rates
Indicative Euro Deposit Rates
Indicative Yen Deposit Rates
Indicative Sterling Deposit Rates

Interactive Interest Rate Swaps
Indicative USD IRS (Ann/6m)
Indicative EUR IRS (Ann/6m)
Indicative GBP IRS (Ann/6m)
Indicative Yen IRS (Ann/6m)

Interbank Fixing Rates
Interbank USD Rates
Interbank GBP Rates
Interbank EUR Rates
Interbank CHF Rates
Interbank JPY Rates
PLN Deposits WIBID
PLN Deposits WIBOR

In addition to the above data, FastMarkets can also display gilts and bonds as well as equities for several mining companies.