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Daniel Klein

Executive vice president, analytics
A wide spectrum of experiences shape Dan Klein, executive vice president (EVP), analytics. Throughout his career, curiosity, rigor and determination have underpinned every role he’s had, whether in purchasing, sales, product, strategy or consulting. A driven competitor who has completed the Ironman triathlon twice, Dan believes that training for endurance sports has taught him the persistence and focus necessary to excel both as an athlete and in business. “I find answers and direction from data, but recognize it must be paired with insight and experience. I will not ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do. I am competitive. However, I believe success in business comes from win-wins, not winning at someone else’s expense. ”There’s no one single influence that guides Dan’s leadership style. His leadership reflects competencies, skills, characteristics, and actions admired from a wide spectrum of people. These characteristics have been cultivated from work with leaders of start-ups, heads of Fortune 500 companies, academics, peers, colleagues and employees. Seeking to get the best out of people, he creates the environment for employees to do what’s expected of them without micromanagement. Dan leads by example and values accountability above all else. “It starts with me,” he says, “But I expect it of everyone I work with.”Believing that success comes from bringing people together, Dan has built up extensive experience leading global teams, growing complex product portfolios and launching new products. “My success comes from making other people successful,” he says, “As I’ve grown as a leader through my career, I’ve increased my focus on helping others grow professionally and the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce.” Dan Klein was appointed EVP, analytics in March of 2022. Prior to his current position, he was CEO of Fastmarkets RISI since 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He joined Fastmarkets from Forrester Research, bringing over 20 years of experience in the B2B information and syndicated data markets.