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Your guide to commodity market trends and pricing dynamics for pulp, paper, packaging and agricultural commodities

Helping manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods to overcome the business risks associated with volatile raw materials markets

Fastmarkets’ FMCG suite brings together the vital commercial insights, data and analytics that you need to help you make accurate forecasts, manage inventories and price risk, benchmark costs against your peers’ and balance the costs and benefits of sustainability.

Our FMCG customers get access to in-depth price data and short- and long-term forecasting and analysis for the following raw materials: 

  • Agriculture: Animal fats, oils and proteins, grains and oilseeds, vegetable oils
  • Forest products: Graphic paper, paper packaging, pallets, pulp, recovered paper, timber, tissue
  • Metals and mining: Base metals, steel

We continue to expand our coverage as the global CPG market and the needs of the consumer evolve. 

How Fastmarkets helps FMCG manufacturers
Fastmarkets’ FMCG suite is designed to address common challenges faced by manufacturers in the procurement and management of raw materials.

Rising costs, volatile prices

Price volatility is nothing new for procurement professionals familiar with the vagaries of global commodity markets. And yet, recent price volatility is straining material management processes and squeezing margins to an unprecedented degree. Procurement professionals must strike a delicate balance between profitability and affordability (for their customers).

Fastmarkets arms procurement teams with insights to help them anticipate and hedge against price risk, understand and anticipate changing costs, and better manage supplier relationships.

The cost of sustainability

While sustainability is increasingly important, it often comes with higher costs. Buyers face the challenge of substituting more sustainable materials while keeping costs in check. Procurement teams are asked to assess suppliers not just on cost and reliability, but on emissions and other ESG factors, too.

Fastmarkets’ rich industry data sets, reporting of packaging and sustainability trends and analytical tools help FMCG manufacturers to identify suppliers that meet their criteria, including carbon emissions profiles at the producer and plant level.

Supply chain disruption 

Every link of the consumer goods supply chain has been tested to its limits recently. When the business turns to the planning and strategy team to predict the market’s next move, that team turns to Fastmarkets.

Fastmarkets equips FMCG manufacturers with up-to-date market analysis, coverage of the latest news and trends moving the market and access to experts. Our in-depth analysis of the FMCG value chain includes cost differentials as well as prices, forecasts and the impact of policy and regulation for Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.

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Learn more about the products and services that make up Fastmarkets’ FMCG suite:

Breaking news and market-reflective commodity prices, even when markets are at their most volatile.

Commodities covered: Softwood, hardwood, paper packaging, pallets, recovered paper, tissue, nonwovens, pulp, base metals, steel

Analysis of the forces moving your markets and how they’ll play out over the next 1-2 years.

Commodities covered: Paper packaging, recovered paper, pulp, nonwovens, wood products, base metals, steel and steel raw materials

5- and 15-year forecasts underpinned by deep industry expertise, macroeconomic analysis and 50 years of historical data.

Commodities covered: Paper packaging, pulp, wood products

Learn more about the 5,500+ prices we assess
Recovered paper, cartonboard and aluminium are some of the most popular prices with our subscribers from the FMCG sector. We assess the prices you see below and hundreds more prices on a daily or weekly basis depending on their liquidity. We also provide short-term price forecasts for many key raw materials, including pulp and aluminium. We continue to expand our coverage to help you keep up with the changing needs of the consumer. We’ve recently launched green steel, green aluminium and African wheat prices and added them to our FMCG suite. 

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Why Fastmarkets

FCMG manufacturers have long relied on Fastmarkets’ price data, news and analysis to inform their procurement strategies, achieve win-win outcomes in negotiations with suppliers and manage price risk. 

  • Fastmarkets has more than 100 years’ experience in analyzing and pricing commodity markets.
  • We hold benchmark prices in aluminium, pulp, recovered paper and many other key materials.
  • We’ve got more than 500 team members worldwide, with price reporters on the ground in key markets, as well as analysts and editorial teams who are researching and reporting on shifting market dynamics. 

Packaging procurement professionals’ perspectives on supply challenges, creative packaging options, buyer-supplier relationships and more

Latest FMCG supply chain news

Our team of commodity market experts and price reporters provide weekly prices and market analysis for the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

Prices for old corrugated containers (OCC) in Mexico were unchanged in April, with imported grades remaining stable month over month for the first time this year, Fastmarkets has learned. Prices for imported OCC held at $120-130 per ton. The firm pricing follows $10-per-ton increases in March and January as well as a $15-per-ton rise in February. […]

The price of tin on the London Metal Exchange has reached highs in April 2024 not seen since 2022, with investors betting on the metal having a significant role in the expansion of renewable energy and for technical purposes, while supply remains uncertain

Stocks of base metals in Shanghai bonded warehouses showed mixed fortunes in March, Fastmarkets has learned

Recent developments in the aluminium industry have provided incremental steps toward the industry’s decarbonization, but green energy sources, inert anodes and end-of-life scrap recycling can offer disruptive advances to achieve this goal, according to Peter von Czarnowski, director of casting technology expansion at Golden Aluminum.

The recent shift is supported by the country’s increased biodiesel blending mandate and there are moves to raise it further in the coming years

The low-carbon differential for aluminium P1020 in Europe was unchanged in the month to Friday April 5, with market participants reporting decreased interest in low-carbon units.

With excerpts from our quarterly tin round up, we share why we were bullish with our tin price forecast in the first quarter of 2024

Aluminium scrap dealers selling to large recycling companies in Brazil are facing cash flow difficulties because they have been forced to receive delayed payments, which may lead to more severe outcomes, like company closures, sources told Fastmarkets

After reporting weak export volumes throughout 2023 as a result of the economic recession affecting important global markets, the latest food export statistics from Latin American countries are bringing relief for corrugated packaging producers in the region, sources told Fastmarkets. Interested in the latest developments and trends in the paper packaging industry? Speak to our team […]

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