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Fastmarkets provides paper packaging data, expert economic analysis and more for all grades of containerboard, linerboard, boxboard and kraft papers. It is critical to track market shifts and monitor prices to anticipate changes throughout the supply chain. Our essential price data and market coverage informs critical decision-making and offers a neutral ground to conduct business.

As a subscriber, be the first to learn about price shifts, supply and demand trends, capacity changes, critical acquisitions, mill closures and machine upgrades and conversions. You’ll also receive up-to-the-minute alerts on key import and export news and government regulations.

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    What’s happening in the packaging market?

    Our subscribers are among the first to learn about critical acquisitions, capacity changes, mill closures, and machine upgrades and conversions. They also receive up-to the minute alerts on key import and export news and government regulations. Here’s just a small selection of the new and analysis our packaging experts produce.

    In a bold move questioned by most in the marketplace this week, five of the six largest North American containerboard and corrugated box companies announced containerboard price increases for Jan. 1. The $70/ton and $75/ton brown linerboard increase, if implemented, would be the first one in almost two years for the domestic market in the […]

    The linerboarprice drops are a result of discount deals emerging in the North American linerboard market

    The merger will set new paper packaging market leaders in the region, said Fastmarkets’ analyst

    The paper packaging giant’s announcement comes amidst reports of more projects being delayed or canceled

    What impact does the merger have on the Brazilian and Mexican packaging markets?

    Packaging procurement professionals’ perspectives on supply challenges, creative packaging options, buyer-supplier relationships and more

    Weak demand, global oversupply and the saturation of domestic consolidation has shifted focus to international mergers for large packaging producers

    Smurfit Westrock, the proposed new combined company, would create a $34 billion company with 23 million tons of mill capacity

    Our packaging focus for August takes a look at the prices of containerboard, folding boxboard and white-lined chipboard across five European countries

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      Fastmarkets forest products give market participants and investors the transparency and clarity to make critical and strategic business decisions.

      Market-reflective price data covering more than 2,800 commodities and 80 sub-grades with Fastmarkets forest products prices

      Asset analysis and 5 – and 15-year economic outlooks

      Near-term economic outlooks for the pulp, paper and wood products markets

      Keep up to date with the latest pulp, paper, and wood products news, and be in the know about critical market shifts

      Formerly RISI events, these are the places to discuss, debate, and learn about the latest trends and challenges in pulp, paper, packaging and more

      Your partner in creating value and managing risk

      Why Fastmarkets Forest Products?
      Fastmarkets Forest Products brings together and builds on decades of expertise from RISI and Random Lengths. In order for you to stay ahead of industry trends and plan for what’s ahead, our forest products price data, forecasts, mill intelligence and reporting cover more than 3,500 grades.
      About RISI
      In March 2017, Fastmarkets announced its acquisition of RISI.

      RISI has been a leading provider of insight to the forest products industry for many decades, and is well known for its analysis, news and conferences.

      Fastmarkets has built on this foundation to bring you news, forecasts, mill intelligence and price reporting cover over 3,500 grades across the globe to inform and prepare you for the risks and opportunities ahead. Learn more here.
      About Random Lengths
      In 2018, RISI, as part of Fastmarkets, acquired Random Lengths.

      Random Lengths, still the most widely circulated and respected source of information for the wood products industry, continues to provide unbiased, consistent, and timely reports of market activity and prices, related trends, issues, and analyses. The company’s focus has traditionally been on North American markets, but as international trade in wood products has increased, we have expanded our coverage to prices and developments in overseas supplying regions. We also strive to deliver information to our customers in a timely and economical manner, utilizing modern technology. Learn more here.
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