Forest products long-term forecasts and asset analysis

Asset analysis and 5- and 15-year economic outlooks for the pulp, paper and wood products markets

Accelerate growth when you use our in-depth analyses and mid- and long-term forecasts to underpin your strategic plans.

Our analysts bring together Fastmarkets’ detailed cost and asset analysis and their expertise in macroeconomic analysis to project demand, production, shipments, inventories, capacity, operating rates and trade data on a 5 – to 15-year time horizon.

As the only intelligence provider covering the forest value chain from end to end, Fastmarkets’ modeling considers the inter-dependencies and dynamics between markets and grades. Models integrate our own mill cost benchmarking data with in-depth intelligence on mills and machines to determine price floors and the impact of closures.

Buyers and sellers of forest products use our forecasts and analysis to:
  • Build more resilient supply chains
  • Develop end-of-life roadmaps that protect profitability
  • Seize long-term growth opportunities
  • Facilitate third-party due diligence support for funding and investment
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Long-term forecasts: Markets we cover
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Delve deeper into mill assets and understand production costs

Fastmarkets’ forest products asset analysis hub includes global mill intelligence and cost analysis that can bring you insights into mill operations and cost of production and more. Head to our hub to:
  • Uncover the largest global asset database for forest products
  • Access our cost benchmarking service to compare production costs
  • Learn whether you are paying the right price for your packaging products
Explore our asset analysis hub
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Pulp price rally in China  With the backdrop of a pulp price recovery taking shape in China, leading pulp and paper industry participants met last week in London, with upside risk present in the market for the first time in over a year. The strong seasonal bump for demand in China in the second half […]

In a bold move questioned by most in the marketplace this week, five of the six largest North American containerboard and corrugated box companies announced containerboard price increases for Jan. 1. The $70/ton and $75/ton brown linerboard increase, if implemented, would be the first one in almost two years for the domestic market in the […]

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Brazilian printing and writing paper demand has been suffering with the rise of the shift-to-digital trend, along with the retail crisis and increased competition. Fastmarkets economist, Rafael Barisauskas, explains the upside and downside risks ahead for this market

Both German sorted mixed papers and board and German corrugated paper and board saw an uptick in prices

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Formerly RISI events, these are the places to discuss, debate, and learn about the latest trends and challenges in pulp, paper, packaging and more

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