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Market-reflective price data covering more than 2,800 commodities and 80 sub-grades with Fastmarkets forest products prices

Mitigate price risk when you subscribe to the most relied-on price assessments in the pulp, paper, packaging, timber, wood products, nonwovens and bioenergy markets, covering North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Fastmarkets’ IOSCO-compliant price data represents all major markets, and incorporates input from buyers and sellers. We have more benchmark prices than any other price reporting agency in this market, and our prices are listed on exchanges such as Norexeco, SHFE and SGX.

Buyers and sellers of forest products use our price data to:

  • Minimize exposure to price volatility
  • Mitigate risks and anticipate threats to budget earlier whilst protecting supply chain continuity
  • Avoid costly errors when calculating contractual price adjustments
  • Negotiate more confidently and secure more favourable pricing terms
  • Achieve competitive advantage by aligning with benchmark price indices

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    What’s happening in the forest products market?

    Can the food export market and shifting consumer habits help sustain Brazil’s paper packaging sector, defying domestic challenges?

    Fastmarkets (Random Lengths) plans to formally launch the industry’s first daily price assessment for Southern Yellow Pine #2 2×4 (eastside) on Thursday 8 August along with more than a year of pricing history.

    Feedback was received during the consultation period of an immaterial nature that would not impact the result of price assessments. Therefore, while no material changes will be made to the methodologies at this stage, clarification indicating that the Effective List price treats changes in annually established discounts during the year as changes in the price. […]

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