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What is biomass? Wood biomass is any timber-derived product (softwood or hardwood) that can be converted to energy through direct combustion or gasification; to solid fuel through pelletizing; or to liquid fuel through many different processes.

While wood biomass may include any part of the tree, cost is the primary consideration when choosing a source. Biomass is typically created from:

  • Manufacturing residues 
  • Non-merchantable timber harvest residuals 
  • Post-consumer wood waste 
  • Urban and agricultural wood waste

Biomass is typically created out of residues or byproduct but when higher-value end use markets are absent, biomass may even be created out of this higher grade material.

Interest in wood bioenergy is growing rapid. As governments and consumers search for sustainable and cost-effective energy alternatives, Timber-derived products used to produce biomass energy are gaining popularity for residential and commercial purposes.

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Biomass demand is growing. Sustainability, climbing energy prices and policies that promote the generation of renewable energy are reshaping the market. Keep up to date with this market in transition. We offer news on critical market developments and prices for residuals, mill costs, consumption and outputs, transportation issues and government policies.

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