Commodity market trends, pricing dynamics and insights into the construction raw materials supply chain

Real-time insights for the construction industry to keep projects profitable and competitive

The construction industry is critical in building a more sustainable future, with emerging trends set to reshape the industry and reallocate profits along the entire value chain. Fluctuating costs and unpredictable demand make it difficult to plan ahead, while there is an increasing emphasis on more energy-efficient designs and sustainable construction practices.

Stay up-to-date, make strategic decisions and tackle the disruptions of the construction industry head-on with Fastmarkets’ construction price data, construction industry forecasting, news and market analysis. Our construction customers get coverage for raw materials including:

  • Metals and mining: Steel, scrap and secondary metals and base metals including aluminium and copper
  • Forest products: Wood products including framing lumber and structural panels
How Fastmarkets helps the construction industry
As a construction industry market participant, you need market intelligence to guide your short- and long-term buying and selling strategies. Fastmarkets’ construction suite is designed to address the most pressing challenges around construction raw materials for contractors, material suppliers/distributors, designers and developers, including steel, scrap and wood products.

Cost volatility 

Fluctuating costs, unpredictable demand and evolving construction project priorities mean you need an agile management approach.

Fastmarkets’ market intelligence and price data for construction raw materials allows you to estimate costs more accurately, and diversify materials and suppliers to hedge against supply chain risk.  


Digital technologies for project planning, design and management are now more widespread than ever.

Fastmarkets helps construction professionals get transparency into construction materials and equipment pricing dynamics, as well as supply chain forecasts and analysis to aid data-driven decision-making. 


Sustainable construction practices and energy-efficient designs are expected to become a standard requirement, driven by regulations, client demands and a focus on lower carbon footprints. 

Fastmarkets gives construction market participants access to expert knowledge and updates to regulatory requirements. 

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Learn more about the products and services that make up Fastmarkets’ construction suite:

Market-reflective construction prices, even when markets are at their most volatile.

Commodities covered: Steel, wood products, scrap, base metals

Analysis of the forces moving your markets and how they’ll play out over the next 1-2 years.

Commodities covered: Steel, scrap, base metals, wood products

Breaking news and market coverage from price reports and analysts deeply embedded in the markets.

Commodities covered: Steel, wood products

The construction industry’s top prices
Steel,  aluminium, scrap, pine, as well as framing lumber and structural panel prices are some of the most popular prices for those working in the construction industry today. We assess the prices you see below and hundreds more prices on a daily or weekly basis depending on their liquidity.
Our metals price portfolio includes the main inputs for US steelmakers’ rebar melt, which is vital in construction.  We also provide price forecasts for the critical materials, including steel, scrap, base metals and wood products. Fastmarkets continues to evolve in response to market changes, with new green premiums in steel and aluminium to reflect the demand for carbon reduction in supply chains for these core materials.

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Why Fastmarkets

Fastmarkets’ price data, news and analysis have been used by construction market participants for decades as a way to get transparency into construction materials and equipment pricing dynamics, aid in feasibility assessment and support project cost estimation.

You can also get supply chain analysis and forecasting, access insights into regional and global pricing trends and utilize Fastmarkets’ on-the-ground experts to understand pricing volatility and opacity in local construction markets. 

Why should you use Fastmarkets?

  • Fastmarkets has more than 100 years’ experience in analyzing and pricing commodity markets.
  • We hold benchmark prices in steel, aluminium, copper and many other key materials.
  • We’ve got more than 500 team members worldwide, with price reporters on the ground in key markets, as well as analysts and editorial teams who are researching and reporting on shifting market dynamics.  

Latest construction raw materials news

Our team of commodity market experts and price reporters provide weekly prices and market analysis for the construction industry.

The three-month copper price on the London Metal Exchange has slumped significantly since hitting an all-time high of $11,104.50 per tonne on Monday May 20

Copper fabricators in China and the wider Southeast Asian region continue to feel the pain of high copper prices on futures exchanges and a lack of new orderbooks, with some having already asked for a postponing of shipments of long-term copper cathodes, sources told Fastmarkets in the week to Wednesday, May 15.

Could the copper market bullish marathon be taking a mini break? Fastmarkets senior analyst Andy Farida looks at London Metal Exchange copper price movements.

Global copper futures prices are in a frenzy, with record highs being logged on the New York-based Commodity Exchange (Comex), London Metal Exchange and Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) in recent days

Copper prices have pushed up on global metal exchanges in recent weeks and the London Metal Exchange three-month copper price hit an all-time high on Monday May 20, but what are the key reasons behind the record-breaking surge in prices?

Fundamental supply tightness was part of the reason behind this week’s LME three-month copper contract all-time high, but the rate of change was also down to an influx of financial investors and the interconnected squeeze on short positions on COMEX, sources told Fastmarkets

A surge in recycling capacity in the US aluminium industry is coming in the next few years while for now it continues to meet most of its primary aluminium needs from Canada.

Read more about how Fastmarkets will provide much-needed price assessments for green steel

The US steel industry’s preponderance of electric-arc furnace (EAF) capacity may be a double-edged sword when it comes to collecting green steel premiums, market sources have told Fastmarkets

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