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The steel industry underpins the global economy. It is deeply intertwined with other industries like automotive, construction and energy – making it subject to risks and opportunities from multiple directions. Decarbonization initiatives also have significant implications for anyone buying, selling or trading in steel markets. These risks include shifts in international competitiveness and the financial risk associated with carbon pricing and regulations. On 8 June, Fastmarkets launched a suite of green steel prices to bring clarity and support investment decisions needed to reduce emissions.

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    • Flat steel reduced carbon emissions differential, exw Northern Europe, €/tonne
    • Flat steel reduced carbon emissions, daily inferred, exw Northern Europe, €/tonne
    • Iron ore spot 67.5% Fe magnetite-hematite pellet feed price differential, cfr Qingdao, $/tonne

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    Trading activity for pellet feed imported into China increased in the week to Friday January 19, with more tenders from Australia. The pellet feed premium, however, continued to face downward pressure from uncertain demand outlook among market participants, sources told Fastmarkets

    High stainless steel production in China in 2023 generated lofty imports of raw materials, including chrome ore, ferro-chrome, nickel pig iron (NPI) and ferro-nickel

    These changes are driven by the need to adapt to an uncertain market environment and a sluggish economy, especially with pessimistic steel demand from China’s real estate sector

    Learn more about how Chinese ferro-alloy smelters are planning to strengthen green production efforts in 2024

    The steel industry has long been a symbol of global economic might. But as we peer into 2024, the landscape appears more nuanced than ever

    The consumption of steel scrap in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was expected to rise sharply in the coming years amid expansions in steelmaker capacities to feed greater steel demand

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