Why use a price reporting agency?

Price data, forecasts and market intelligence to give you a strategic advantage

Whether you’re a commodity trader who wants to be the most informed person at the negotiating table, or a procurement professional looking for critical financial input to inform your decisions, you and your business are sure to benefit from all that a price reporting agency (PRA) has to offer.

Make sense of everchanging markets

Global markets are continuously affected by price volatility, supply/demand imbalances, extreme weather, fluctuating freight rates and changing trade flows. To effectively mitigate the financial risk that comes with this, buyers, sellers and traders must monitor the market daily with verified, accurate price data, analysis, forecasts and news.

What does a PRA do?

A PRA is a subscription-based information business with no vested interest in counterparty, price or trading volume, which seeks to provide impartial prices and information to those who buy, sell and trade in commodities.

Why Fastmarkets?

Fastmarkets has more than 150 years of specialist commodity expertise and is one of the most trusted cross-commodity PRA in the agriculture, forest products, metals and mining and new generation energy markets. We aim to reflect the true market value of a commodity with a robust price discovery process that is impartial and reflective of the market. With methodologies and pricing processes that align with core IOSCO principles, Fastmarkets has an unmatched product breadth and geographic reach.

Our price dataforecasts and market analyses give customers a strategic advantage in complex, turbulent, often opaque markets. We help you navigate uncertainty by providing you with digestible data and critical intelligence, enabling you to make your business decisions with confidence.

From wheat spot prices to lithium long-term forecasts, our analysts and editorial team research and report on shifting market dynamics for critical commodities across global agriculture, forest products, metals and mining and new generation energy markets.

Among our more than 400 team members worldwide, we have price reporters on the ground, providing thousands of proprietary prices and comprehensive insights from all the regional markets that matter to our customers.

PRA reporters have a special set of skills. With our market coverage, we look to:

  • Find and make sense of complex market perspectives and price inputs 
  • Make sound analytical judgments about data based on a deep understanding of the markets 
  • Call upon trading strategies, market structures, technical specifications and regulatory strictures to make accurate judgments about the markets 
  • Deliver a deeper understanding of market dynamics and actionable intelligence 

As well as our price data, forecasts and market intelligence, Fastmarkets’ events provide immersive experiences to network, trade and discuss the critical issues in today’s economy for current and future market participants.

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Discover how to master price data for better contract negotiations and stronger strategic decision-making for your business.

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Global agriculture markets are continuously affected by a number of factors that act at a local and regional level – particularly weather. Financial risk can only be mitigated by having access to a granular analysis of local markets and their impact on global trade. Weather forecasts are not predictable with absolute certainty long term, so we’re likely to see shifting production forecasts and price changes more frequently. 

From wheat spot prices to biofuel margins, our analysts and editorial team at Fastmarkets Agriculture research and report on shifting market dynamics across the agricultural commodity markets.

Whether it’s supply chains breaking down to capacity coming online through new mills, lines and conversion, there are fundamental changes happening in the forest products market. Market participants need updates on government regulations and import and export news, as well as mill closures and machine upgrades.

In order for you to stay ahead of industry trends and plan for what’s ahead, our forest products price data, forecasts, mill intelligence and reporting cover more than 3,500 grades.

Global metals and mining markets are going through a generational shift. The pull of decarbonization impacts raw materials strategies, while new capacity unbalances supply dynamics. The lingering effects of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have created unprecedented price volatility, placing immense pressure on business negotiations. Business as usual is anything but ordinary and the metal markets have become almost impossible to read.  

Backed by the commodity intelligence of familiar names like Metal Bulletin, American Metal Market, Scrap Price Bulletin and Industrial Minerals, our market reflective price data can help to understand the forces driving change and protect your business from the unknown.

Fastmarkets also provides access to verified, accurate data and insights for the battery raw materials market, as well as forecasts, spot prices and reports that will give you a strategic head start in this evolving market.

Products include short- and long-term forecasts, risk management solutions to help you reduce your exposure to price volatility, a Battery Cost Index that provides greater transparency into the cost of Li-ion cell components, as well as an essential outlook for battery material recycling.

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