Fastmarkets NewGen Battery Recycling Outlook

Gain a competitive edge in the emerging battery recycling market

The global battery recycling market is booming, driven by high demand for key battery materials. Recycling ensures security of supply, particularly for countries that don’t have domestic production and has better ESG credentials than primary supply from mined metals. There has also been a rise in global recycling regulations which are mandating the level of recycled metal in new batteries and recycling recovery rates.

Challenges for recyclers include tight supply of used batteries, causing them to run at lower capacity, as well as falling battery metal prices, which both affect profit margins. Gain your competitive edge in this ever-changing market with the Fastmarkets NewGen Battery Recycling Outlook.

The Fastmarkets NewGen Battery Recycling Outlook includes 10-year battery supply and black mass price forecasts to give material manufacturers, battery makers, automakers and battery recyclers the insights and forecasts to understand and leverage the increasing recycled supply.

What’s inside this 100-page report?

  • Forecasts and outlooks for black mass and battery raw materials
  • Assessment of technology and the major recyclers
  • Intelligence on battery recycling capacity build-outs
  • Predicted scrap vs manufactured volumes
  • Insights on the usability of expected volumes
  • Key ESG and supply chain qualification criteria
  • Economics of battery chemistries and technologies
  • Access to expert analysts
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Looking for forecasts and outlooks for black mass and battery materials?

Our key findings:

  • We expect total lithium battery demand to increase six-fold over the next ten years
  • Transport is the main driver of growth, representing more than 80% of the market
  • We expect the lithium, nickel and cobalt markets to be in deficit in 2033, driving demand for recycled materials
  • End-of-life supply won’t become the main source of battery scrap until 2033
  • The black mass market is nascent and opaque, presenting an opportunity to develop a black mass price based on actual trades

Why choose Fastmarkets?

  • Fastmarkets has launched the first seaborne black mass price and the first price in Asia outside of China
  • We are uniquely positioned in the battery recycling and black mass market due to our trusted position as a battery metal pricing agency
  • We offer benchmark cobalt and lithium prices in both the physical and financial markets
  • Our team of 35 battery analysts and price reporters provide short- and long-term forecasts and prices for lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, graphite and copper
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Having dedicated reports, like the Battery Recycling Outlook, ensures we are providing the latest updates when it comes to Nth Cycle’s recycling technology and modernizing the supply chain. We recommend anyone looking for deeper intelligence and insights into battery materials subscribe to Fastmarkets.
Guillermo Espiga – VP, Head of Business Development at Nth Cycle
Black mass price launch

As of May 17, 2023, Fastmarkets now offers weekly payable indicators for black mass in South Korea, the first seaborne black mass prices globally

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Actionable insights and market intel on the emerging battery recycling outlook

Black mass purchasing in the key South Korean market was limited over the last week by middling demand in the country, while the fresh decline in Chinese lithium markets in recent days led to more caution among buyers, sources told Fastmarkets on Wednesday May 24
Li-Cycle more than doubled its production of black mass in the first quarter of 2023 thanks to its new and upgraded electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling “spokes” in the United States
Tesla’s $1 billion project aims at increasing the carmaker efforts of producing battery-grade lithium hydroxide domestically in the United States to serve the growing North American e-mobility market, the company said
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