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Supply chains are in constant motion as factors like logistics issues, severe weather, the push to a low-carbon economy and governments’ policies combine to alter the playing field daily. Market participants – whether upstream, midstream or downstream – need insights and historical data to understand and anticipate commodity supply chain performance and behavior.

Fastmarkets provides a suite of forecasts and economic analysis to give market participants the essential tools to build scenarios and make high-stakes decisions. These short-term and long-term forecasts cover the agriculture, forest products and metals and mining markets. Select one of the options below to find out more about each market’s forecasting method and analysis products.

Interested in getting a strategic advantage in complex, turbulent, often opaque markets? See our forecasting and analysis tools in action.

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Our unbiased, independent research helps you minimize risk and predict future trends based on insights and analysis from experts. Get behind the data to deepen your confidence in your decisions.
Discover what market forces are likely to drive price movements and supply-demand shifts.
Use our forecasts to lead negotiations, inform your strategy and make business decisions.
Time your purchasing and manage inventories with information you can rely on.
Know exactly how much material to commit to on spot purchasing or on contract in each region.
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How we predict the markets

To bring you an unbiased view of the market, our price forecasting methodology includes supply and demand fundamentals, an in-depth look into underlying costs and implied margins as well as market sentiment.

We draw on the expertise of our in-house analysts and our extensive network of reporters. These real-world inputs, reviewed and refined against our AI-assisted pricing models, bring you a 360° view of your markets.

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