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The lack of trusted information or uncertainty about tomorrow costs money, as miscalculating the future direction of the market can negatively impact trading strategies and tactics.

Fastmarkets Agriculture provides objective forecasts on the global agricultural markets, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to consider nuanced patterns that can materially impact the numbers. Our forecasts help our customers optimize profits, shape near-term planning and guide long-term strategy and capital allocation, creating a short distance between analysis and financial performance.
  • Vegetable and seed oils
  • Animal fats and oils
  • Biomass-based diesel
  • Hemp and CBD
  • Organic and non-GMO products
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With Fastmarkets you can stay up to date with an ever-changing industry and make better forecasting calculations

Featured agriculture forecasts and trends
Predict price movements and trends in the agriculture markets at national, regional and global levels with our forecasts for commodities including grains, oilseeds, animal fats and oils.
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What makes our forecasts better?
Our unique history of 150+ years in the agriculture space has allowed us to amass data and experience on agricultural commodities that are unrivaled. Continually we survey the markets to gather additional insights on production and pricing so we can better inform our customers. All our data is fed into our augmented intelligence platform where forecasting is created and measured for accuracy and refinement.

We have no positions in the market, therefore our forecasts are an unbiased report of what the data tells us and what our analysts know of the markets.

We share our forecast history so you can see where we’ve been accurate and where we’ve missed the mark. We iterate our measurements based on our results, to continually refine our forecasting abilities.

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With Fastmarkets you can stay up to date with an ever-changing industry and make better forecasting calculations

Agriculture market insights

Know what’s moving your markets and the forces driving change

Chinese buyers are showing strong demand for barley and corn, with significant purchases from France, Australia, and Ukraine

Total EU soybean import for the year to date reaches 7.2 million tonnes, with Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Portugal being the main importers

What are the main challenges on the path to decarbonization and the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels for the aviation industry?

Analyzing trends, outlooks and influential factors in the global palm oil market

Brazil’s food agency, Conab, has reduced its soybean and corn output forecasts due to adverse weather conditions impacting crop development,

The boost to the outlook is due to higher than expected yields and larger planted areas, compared to the drought-affected 2022/23 year

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Know what’s moving your markets and the forces driving change with Fastmarkets agriculture news

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Fastmarkets’ agriculture events provide insights-rich and network-centric experiences to enable trading and guide strategic decisions

We recognize the importance of being clear about our price assessment and index process. Our independently audited pricing process aligns with core IOSCO principles. Find out how our price reporters and analysts assess and forecast prices in agriculture, forest products and metals

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