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Fastmarkets’ expert analysts, price reporters and editorial team members run regular webinars across the agriculture, forest products, metals and mining, and battery raw materials markets. Get an in-depth analysis of market moves, price trends and outlooks, as well as insights into upcoming challenges and opportunities – and look to the future with confidence.

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In this webinar, Guy Hindley from Howe Robinson will provide the latest insights into global freight and shipping industry and outlook for the coal market going forward.

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In this webinar, Fastmarkets’ experts brought the latest market insights on ferro-chrome pricing and provided a detailed overview of Fastmarkets’ comprehensive suite of ferro-chrome prices. What are the possible options for the ferro-chrome market after the end of the long-standing primary reference for ferro-chrome in Europe? Watch the replay to learn more.

Fastmarkets economists and speakers from CoreLogic, Dodge Construction Network and Mortgage Bankers Association explored the state of the US housing market, the latest trends across the construction industry and what is to come in the latter half of 2024 and into 2025 in this webinar.

Join Fastmarkets’ analysts in a dynamic hour-long session covering key insights in the Indonesian market. This webinar will examine domestic market dynamics and global trends, including energy investments’ impact on nickel prices and supply-demand pressures.

This webinar examines the key segments of the battery materials market, diving into each of the main battery raw materials: lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and graphite. Our experts address the growth of the battery market, including supply and demand dynamics, lithium-ion cell costs and the future of battery recycling.

Players in the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain have successfully developed to adapt to volatility and better mitigate their risks by utilizing Fastmarkets prices, forecasts and insights, alongside robust hedging strategies. This webinar discussed how this can be replicated across the energy storage solutions (ESS) supply chain.

In this webinar, Fastmarkets experts and special guests discussed the prevailing trends and hot topics of the Asia, Europe and MENA ferrous scrap markets. The webinar featured Fastmarkets’ proprietary forecasts on ferrous scrap and steel together with cutting-edge market commentary and debate among key market participants.

Our experts, Tore Alden and Joao Morciani, delved into the factors shaping biofuel pricing trends and offer insights into the evolving landscape of supply and demand in a 45-minute session on April 25, 2024.

In our latest Asian aluminium webinar, Fastmarkets’ experts provided the latest insights into the East Asian aluminium markets and the outlook for aluminium prices for the rest of 2024.

Are you looking to enhance your packaging procurement strategy and gain valuable insights into what’s behind your costs? This on-demand webinar offers essential tools and insights to empower you in making informed purchasing decisions. Discover what drives your supplier costs to strengthen supplier relationships and access short- and long-term price forecasts for better planning amid volatility.

As global demand for vegetable oils rises, understanding market dynamics is crucial. Join us for an in-depth analysis of the vegetable oil industry, exploring price trends, challenges and future prospects.

As the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy presents growing challenges to global supply chains, our expert analysts and forecasters, Tore Alden (US) and Joao Morciani (Brazil), delved into the dynamics and future trajectories of renewable diesel in two crucial regions.

First shown on December 12, 2023, This webinar was a discussion on the current state of the European flat steel market, plus their outlook for 2024 and beyond. Watch the replay to learn more.

First shown on November 30, 2023, this webinar gives a forward-looking analysis of the aluminium market. We delved into the intricate dynamics affecting the low-carbon aluminium market including real-world perspectives from producers and end-users.

This webinar examines the key segments of the battery materials market, diving into each of the main battery raw materials: lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and graphite. Our experts addressed the growth of the battery market, including supply and demand dynamics, lithium-ion cell costs and the future of battery recycling and black mass.

Our expert price reporter and editor, Masha Belikova, provides an overview of the current market trends that are influencing the Black Sea grains trade. This comes in the wake of the recent suspension of the grain corridor agreement and the potential repercussions this may have. As Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest wheat and corn producers, now channels its product via shallow water ports, road and rail, we introduce a new Danube FOB price that reflects one of the changes in trade flows we have seen.

After a rollercoaster and unprecedented few years in the packaging industry, there are now more questions than answers when it comes to the path ahead for global containerboard markets. Re-watch the webinar to hear Fastmarkets’ panel of experts explore some of the most pressing questions facing our industry.

Join us for a deep dive into the world of high-grade iron ore and sustainable steelmaking. In this exclusive webinar, we will break down the critical role that high-grade iron ore pellet feed plays in the steel industry’s decarbonization journey. Our team of experts will analyze why the demand for high-grade iron ore is growing rapidly and what this means for the future of steel production. Access this replay to learn more about Fastmarkets’ index methodology for pricing of 67.5% Fe pellet feed indices to help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving market.

The rising cost of scrap and other steel raw materials is one of the key drivers of price volatility across the steel supply chain. The US steel special bar quality (SBQ) market is no exception – and understanding the variables captured in the SBQ price assessment has never been more important. Watch this recent Fastmarkets webinar to learn more about the state of play in the US SBQ market including the drivers of volatility and shifts in SBQ pricing.

Southern yellow pine (SYP) market share in North America has seen incredible growth in the past 10 years. With lumber demand set to grow at a healthy pace over the remainder of this decade, there could be new price risks for players in the market. Meanwhile, supply constraints loom large in the North American lumber market.

With macroeconomic headwinds in the US and Europe, will the acceleration of the Chinese economy be sufficient to support global pulp demand? Join Fastmarkets’ senior economist and expert in the pulp market, Patrick Cavanagh, to address this question and learn more.

This webinar looks at the fluctuating raw material costs and supply chain disruptions resulting from geopolitical tensions and high inflation are impacting pricing, demand and availability. Where does this leave leather manufacturers, tanners and procurers having to ensure product quality and manage costs? Our hides and leather price reporter, Alexandra Watts, gives an overview of the challenges affecting the market today.

After a boom in demand in 2021 and record prices and margins in 2022, the European sack kraft paper market started to cool down in 2023 as players throughout the supply chain focused on destocking plentiful inventories. The high level of inventories in the market not only resulted in a drop in sack kraft paper demand but also in a reduction in production and prices, especially for unbleached grades. However, this is set to change.

Global grain and oilseeds markets must adapt to more complex shipment logistics, price spikes and supply uncertainties as a consequence of the war between Russia and Ukraine, two major producers. Our market experts and editors, Masha Belikova and Anna Platanova will report on the latest grain and oilseeds export and pricing trends with a focus on Black Sea origin products.

Fastmarkets brings you an eye-opening insight into the exciting and rapidly-growing battery recycling sector in Asia. Fastmarkets is the first price reporting agency to launch pricing for black mass in Asia outside of China. In this webinar, experts from the company will discuss both current trends and outlooks affecting this vital market.

Watch our on-demand webinar where Fastmarkets’ senior economists, Jennifer Coskren and Dustin Jalbert, plus guest speakers from Fannie Mae, LMC and Nomad Framing, discuss the current challenges across the construction and building materials supply chain. In addition, participants will get a sneak peek at Fastmarkets’ newly developed remodeling index.

Forestry is one of the most popular and fastest-growing sources of carbon credits and this can have profound impacts on timber supply, forestry investments, and raw material sourcing to forest industries. In this webinar, Glen O’Kelly, CEO of O’Kelly Acumen, discusses some of the key findings from a recent study on the state of forest carbon markets, and implications for forest industries in three case-study regions; US, Europe and New Zealand.

This webinar looks across the key segments of the battery materials market, diving into each key battery raw material: lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite. Our experts addressed the future of battery recycling and black mass, the electric vehicle (EV) market’s impact on copper and the cost breakdown and outlook for EV batteries.

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Fastmarkets hosted an insightful webinar on the future of southern yellow pine and its potential impact on the North American lumber industry. For those who missed it, here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways

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