Asian aluminium market update and price outlook 2024

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In our latest Asian aluminium webinar, Fastmarkets’ experts provided the latest insights into the East Asian aluminium markets and the outlook for aluminium prices for the rest of 2024.

Moderated by Jingtai Lun, Fastmarkets’ non-ferrous editor, our featured speakers and their topics of discussion include:

 ▪️ Chay Chye Leng, Fastmarkets’ price reporter, on the Japanese and South Korean primary aluminium market and low carbon differential
 ▪️ Ruby Liu, Fastmarkets’ price reporter, on the Chinese aluminium market and green-power aluminium
 ▪️ Andy Farida, Fastmarkets’ analyst, on the aluminium price outlook

Please watch the webinar recording below, which is recorded in English with Chinese subtitles.

直播回放 (中文字幕): 亚洲铝市场趋势及铝价前景

本次直播中,Fastmarkets记者及分析师深入解析东亚铝市场,并预测了下半年铝价走势。 本次直播由Fastmarkets亚洲有色金属主编Jingtai Lun主持,主题及讲者如下:

 ▪️日韩原铝市场和东亚低碳铝市场发展 | 演讲嘉宾:Fastmarkets 价格记者 Chay Chye Leng
 ▪️ 中国铝市场和绿电铝 | 演讲嘉宾:Fastmarkets 价格记者 Ruby Liu 
 ▪️ 铝价前景 | 演讲嘉宾:Fastmarkets 分析师 Andy Farida
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