Your guide to commodity market trends, pricing dynamics and the automotive raw materials supply chain

Helping automakers to overcome the business risks associated with volatile raw materials markets

Fastmarkets’ automotive suite brings together the vital commercial insights, data and analytics that you need to help you make accurate forecasts, manage inventories and price risk, benchmark costs against your peers’ costs and refine your strategic plans.

Our automotive customers get access to in-depth price data and short- and long-term forecasting and analysis for the following raw materials: 

  • Agriculture: Biofuels, hides and leather
  • Forest products: Paper packaging, pallets
  • Metals and mining: Base metals, battery raw materials, rare earths, steel, scrap

Our battery raw materials analytics include a Battery Recycling Outlook and Battery Cost Index. We continue to expand our coverage as the global automotive market evolves. 

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Breaking news and market-reflective commodity prices, even when markets are at their most volatile.

Commodities covered: Steel, scrap, base and minor metals, ores and alloys, industrial minerals, pallets, rare earths, packaging, biofuels, hides and leather

Analysis of the forces moving your markets and how they’ll play out over the next 1-2 years.

Commodities covered: Steel, scrap, base and minor metals, ores and alloys, industrial minerals, rare earths, packaging

5- and 15-year forecasts underpinned by deep industry expertise, macroeconomic analysis and 50 years of historical data.

Commodities covered: Battery raw materials

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How Fastmarkets helps automakers
Fastmarkets’ automotive suite is designed to address common challenges faced by automakers in the procurement and management of raw materials.

Volatile prices

Price volatility is nothing new for procurement professionals familiar with the vagaries of global commodity markets. And yet, recent price volatility is straining material management processes and supplier relationships.

Fastmarkets helps automakers anticipate and hedge against price risk and put in place more robust pricing practices.   

Opaque markets

Market complexity, dependence on imports from distant shores, supply insecurity, accessing new subsidies driven by the Inflation Reduction Act and the EU Battery Directive, unanticipated changes in regulation, recycling mandates and imperatives — it’s a lot to juggle.

Fastmarkets gives automakers access to a network of expert price reporters and analysts, deeply immersed in their markets. Our news and analysis services bring their insights to you in real time.

Supply chain uncertainty

Every link of the automotive supply chain has been tested to its limits in recent years. When the business turns to the planning and strategy team to predict the market’s next move, that team turns to Fastmarkets.

Fastmarkets equips automakers with up-to-date market analysis, coverage of the latest news and trends moving the market and access to experts. Our in-depth analysis of the EV value chain includes cost differentials as well as prices, forecasts and subsidy impacts for the US, Europe, China and the rest of Asia. 

Automakers’ top prices
Our benchmark prices in battery-grade lithium, steel scrap and low-carbon aluminium are some of the most popular with our subscribers from the automotive sector. We assess the automotive prices you see below and hundreds more prices on a daily or weekly basis depending on their liquidity. We also provide short-term price forecasts for many critical materials, including lithium and cobalt. We’ve recently launched black mass, MHP and rare earths prices and added them to our automotive suite.

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Why Fastmarkets

Automakers have long relied on Fastmarkets’ price data, news and analysis to inform their procurement strategies and manage risk for traditional automotive raw materials such as leather, steel and aluminium. Automakers now also partner with Fastmarkets to inform their electrification and sustainability strategies, leveraging our expertise in battery raw materials and rare earths, green metals and more. 

  • Fastmarkets has more than 100 years’ experience in analyzing and pricing commodity markets.
  • We hold benchmark prices in lithium, iron ore, aluminium and many other key materials.
  • We’ve got more than 600 team members worldwide, with price reporters on the ground in key markets, as well as analysts and editorial teams who are researching and reporting on shifting market dynamics. 

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Latest automotive raw materials news

Our team of commodity market experts and price reporters provide weekly prices and market analysis for the automotive industry.

Key talking points from the meeting of steel distributors’ association Eurometal, held in Zurich, Switzerland, on Thursday May 16

US President Joe Biden will increase tariffs on Chinese imports including steel and aluminium, electric vehicles, semiconductors and advanced batteries, to counteract China’s “unfair” trading practices, he announced on Tuesday May 14

Anglo American’s rejection of takeover bids by BHP has put copper firmly under the spotlight, but what challenges lie ahead for the red metal as the corporate tussle continues?

Collecting a premium for green flat-rolled steel in the US will be a long, bottom-up process for an industry already regarded as one of the world’s cleanest, market sources recently told Fastmarkets

Copper fabricators in China and the wider Southeast Asian region continue to feel the pain of high copper prices on futures exchanges and a lack of new orderbooks, with some having already asked for a postponing of shipments of long-term copper cathodes, sources told Fastmarkets in the week to Wednesday May 15

The US government announced on Tuesday May 14 that new Section 301 import tariffs will be imposed on a wide range of Chinese products and materials, including electric vehicles, steel and aluminium, semiconductors, batteries, solar cells and permanent magnets

This legislation emphasizes the crucial role of graphite in electrification efforts and highlights the ongoing significance of both natural and synthetic graphite in the EU’s green transition journey

During Aemetis’ quarterly earnings presentation, CEO Eric McAfee highlighted the inadequacies of current US tax credits for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and emphasized the need to extend Section 40B.

Standard Lithium announced on Wednesday May 8 that it was forming a partnership with the multinational energy company Equinor to accelerate the development of its South West Arkansas and East Texas lithium brine projects in the United States

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