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The supply chain for rare earth materials and permanent magnets is complex, regionally concentrated and marked by a lack of transparent pricing. This can lead to unpredictable costs, budgeting difficulties and supply insecurity. Geopolitical tensions further add to this uncertainty.

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Our rare earths prices
More magnet supply chain prices will follow soon. We will also explore prices and applications that are poorly represented by the wider market but have important applications in strategic industries. Today we assess the following prices: 
Which rare earths prices we assessWhy these materials matter
Neodymium-praseodymium (NdPr) oxide, 99pc, fob China, MB-NDP-0001Light rare earth NdPr oxide (a combination of neodymium and praseodymium oxide) is the main building block (30%) of high-performance sintered NdFeB magnets. Energy-saving high-performance NdFeB magnets are the most efficient way of transforming electrical energy into propulsion in an electric vehicle. In offshore wind turbines, NdFeB magnets remove the requirement for complex gearing systems that are costly to service in remote locations. Demand for NdFeB magnets is growing sharply. and new mining and processing projects are developing around the world.
Dysprosium oxide 99.5pc, fob China, MB-DY-0001Heavy rare earth dysprosium is added in small amounts to high-performance NdFeB magnets for EV motors* to maintain performance at high temperatures. A large share of global production of heavy rare earth ores is concentrated in Myanmar, a politically unstable jurisdiction, and supply is frequently disrupted. The industry is responding by identifying and developing new supply sources around the world and increasing the processing of monazite minerals. 

*Heavy rare earths are added to NdFeB magnets to maintain performance and efficiency at higher temperatures in motor applications. Offshore wind applications can use magnets based on light rare earths.  
Terbium oxide 99.99pc, fob China, MB-TB-0001Another heavy rare earth, terbium is added in trace amounts to high-performance NdFeB magnets.    
Neodymium oxide 99.5pc, cif Rotterdam, MB-ND-0001Light rare earth neodymium has growing uses in water treatment and automotive catalysts to reduce emissions from ICE vehicles. It is also one of the most geographically diverse refined rare earth materials.  
Gadolinium oxide 99.99-99.999pc fob China, MB-GD-0001High-purity gadolinium has important applications in aerospace, nuclear power and medical diagnostics.  
Neodymium-Praseodymium (NdPr) metal (75:25) fob China, MB-NDP-0002NdPr metal is the biggest rare earth component in a finished NdFeB magnet. Large rare earth producers no longer fully separate out light rare earth elements neodymium and praseodymium, but instead produce a finished mixed oxide product which is sold and directly converted into NdPr metal, NdFeB alloy and finished magnets.
Dysprosium metal min 99% fob China, MB-DY-0002The majority of high performance NdFeB magnets use small or trace amounts of heavy rare earth elements dysprosium and terbium to keep them magnetized at high temperatures inside a vehicle motor.
Ferro-Dysprosium 80% fob China, MB-DY-0003To capture the widest possible range of inputs we are launching a dysprosium metal and alloy price.
Terbium metal min 99.9% fob China, MB-TB-0002Terbium is often added in smaller amounts than dysprosium but remains an important additive for high-performance magnets. From a pricing perspective it is one of the least transparent and most volatile rare earth products.
Praseodymium oxide 99.5% cif Rotterdam, MB-RAE-0008Used in pigments in the glass industry, praseodymium oxide, like neodymium oxide, is one of the most geographically diverse refined rare earth products providing valuable insight into the evolution of the supply base.
How we assess our rare earths prices

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Chinese export prices for light rare earth products were unchanged for the fourth consecutive week on Thursday July 11, with suppliers firmly rejecting further price cuts, but low demand continued to pull down prices for heavy rare earth products used in magnets

Australia’s Lynas Rare Earths, the largest rare earth product producer outside China, is doubling down on plans to produce separated heavy rare earth products for high-performance magnets in Malaysia, alongside its existing project in the United States, it announced on Thursday June 27

China’s magnet rare earth prices were flat in the week to Thursday June 20, with sellers resisting a further price decline amid persisting weak demand, Fastmarkets heard

Low demand from China’s magnet manufacturing sector continued to drive down rare earth prices on domestic and export markets, with suppliers cutting prices to close sales, sources told Fastmarkets in the week to Thursday June 6

Chinese rare earth export prices moved lower over the past week, in line with falling domestic prices driven by suppliers cutting offers in response to continued weak demand from the downstream magnet sector

The US government announced on Tuesday May 14 that new Section 301 import tariffs will be imposed on a wide range of Chinese products and materials, including electric vehicles, steel and aluminium, semiconductors, batteries, solar cells and permanent magnets

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