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How scrap metals and recyclable materials are driving the circular economy

Global scrap and secondary prices have never been more unpredictable. Recyclable materials are in high demand as the world shifts toward building a more sustainable future. Fastmarkets has been helping businesses across the supply chain by providing global, industry-leading coverage, for over 1,400 scrap metal prices, including steel, aluminum, and copper for over 130 years.

Whether you buy, sell or trade in the scrap and secondary markets, our IOSCO-compliant, transparent and benchmarked price data can help you to understand the forces driving market volatility, and act with confidence.

Keep track of the developments impacting the scrap markets, with regular market updates from our global team of industry experts giving you a clearer view of price trends and availability worldwide.

With our independent market coverage into the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals markets, you can trust that you have an unbiased, forward-looking view of the market to help future-proof your business strategy. You’ll also get access to historical price trends in the Fastmarkets fully customizable platform to help it all make sense.

Our market refective price data, news and forecasts combine the commodity intelligence of familiar names like Metal Bulletin, American Metal Market, Scrap Price Bulletin and Industrial Minerals.

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What’s happening in the scrap and secondary markets?

Scrap markets are extremely volatile and what happens in one region can affect prices along the global supply chain. Stay ahead of the market with our scrap and secondary prices, news, forecasts and economic analysis.

Despite this, in their discussion on manganese ore and manganese alloys, experts including Asia Minerals Limited (AML) director Gautam Kumar, Project Blue founder Jack Beddar and WoodMac research director Kevin Fowkes weighed in on the various methods for reducing carbon emissions and the challenges they pose for ferro-alloys producers. “The problem is the most hazardous […]

US steel scrap prices ahead of November trade The Trend Indicator has rebounded into bullish territory, at 61.4 for November compared with a resolutely bearish 45.6 in October. This month’s indicator is at its highest since March’s outlook, when it was 65.2. The Outlook’s prediction model allows for an average month-on-month price increase of 5.1%. Respondents […]

Amid recent headlines about volatile bunker prices, rampant port congestion and a jump in ocean freight costs, metal market participants might be forgiven for thinking they have returned to 2021

Bears out of hibernation ahead of October ferrous scrap trade

Spectro Alloys has unveiled a $71 million recycling expansion plan geared at enhancing its aluminium sorting and melting capabilities for sheet and billet casting amid subdued market conditions

Bulls increasingly optimistic for higher scrap prices in September

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