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Follow the critical developments impacting the ferrous scrap market with our market coverage, short- and mid-term forecasts and market-reflective ferrous scrap price data. Our team of experts provides global and local data-driven insights to help you make sense of the forces influencing the ferrous scrap market to guide your business decisions – the right way.

Also known as iron and steel scrap, the ferrous scrap market plays an essential role in the circular economy. End-of-life steel products, from motor vehicles to structural steel, can be recycled infinitely, creating new steels. All the steel used globally is recyclable, making ferrous scrap a highly sought-after material, changing the landscape of steel production worldwide.

Ferrous scrap is critical to decarbonizing the steel industry as it enables the recycling and reuse of steel products, further contributing to green steel production by creating a more sustainable and resource-efficient steel industry. Stay connected with the big stories, topics and price movements changing the ferrous scrap markets. Understand what’s driving change in the global ferrous scrap market, including new capacity sprouts in the evolving US Southern scrap market to trade flow disruptions in European markets.

Fastmarkets news and analysis of the ferrous scrap market is backed by the intelligence of industry-leading brands such as Metal Bulletin, American Metal Market, Scrap Price Bulletin and Industrial Minerals.
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The publication of Fastmarkets’ Turkey steel scrap indices for Thursday June 27 was delayed because of a technical error.

European scrap consuming electric arc furnace output is rising, with demand for higher grade scraps to produce flat steel expected to grow. Fastmarkets has launched prime grade scrap forecasts to capture this

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