Green steel spotlight

Follow the low carbon steel discussion and keep up to date with the developments influencing the decarbonization of the steel industry

Steelmakers worldwide are in a race to meet decarbonization targets under growing scrutiny on the steel industry’s role in climate change. At the World Economic Forum this year, more than 50 corporations pledged to purchase “green” steel, low carbon steel and other commodities made from processes that emit little to no carbon by 2030.

The steel industry in the United States is viewed as further ahead on the sustainability curve than some other regions, thanks to more than 70% of its steel capacity coming from electric-arc furnaces. However, domestic steelmakers continue to push for more efficiencies that save money and the planet. These low-carbon steelmaking efficiencies include more stable raw material supply chains, improved sources of power generation and upgraded production technologies.

As the momentum for green steel increases, stay connected with the Fastmarkets discussion. Our team of senior analysts and price reporters analyze the shifting trends and outlook vital to the low-carbon steel market.

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