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Critical minerals and strategic materials play a vital role in transformative technologies including greener construction, electric vehicles, solar panels, wind panels and batteries. Demand is expected to skyrocket in the next ten years and the US Department of Energy has deemed these minerals and materials critical because of their role in producing cleaner energy across the globe. These critical minerals are at risk of supply chain disruption from political, regulatory and social factors as well as supply and production availability. 

Our coverage of critical minerals includes in-depth price data, market insights and short- and long-term forecasting and analysis for commodities including:

  • Metals: Steel and base metals such as aluminium and copper
  • Battery raw materials: Lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite, manganese and black mass
  • Rare earths: Neodymium, dysprosium, terbium, gadolinium and praseodymium

Our battery raw materials analytics include a Battery Recycling Outlook and Battery Cost Index.

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Our expert editorial team, analysts and price reporters working across metals, battery raw materials and rare earths bring you the latest price trends, market insights and forecasts for the critical minerals market.

Global copper futures prices are in a frenzy, with record highs being logged on the New York-based Commodity Exchange (Comex), London Metal Exchange and Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) in recent days

The South Korea government has started to build up a national stockpile of lithium reserves through the state-owned Korea Mine Rehabilitation & Mineral Resources Corp (KOMIR), Fastmarkets was told on Tuesday May 21

A host of Chinese battery manufacturers have been increasing their production of electrolytic nickel to reap gains from strong futures prices because the growth in downstream demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is slowing, Fastmarkets heard on Tuesday May 21

A surge in recycling capacity in the US aluminium industry is coming in the next few years while for now it continues to meet most of its primary aluminium needs from Canada.

Fastmarkets rounds up the key discussion points at the 30th annual Cobalt Institute conference in New York, from May 12-14.

US President Joe Biden will increase tariffs on Chinese imports including steel and aluminium, electric vehicles, semiconductors and advanced batteries, to counteract China’s “unfair” trading practices, he announced on Tuesday May 14

Critical minerals prices to watch in 2024
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