Recycling lithium batteries

Insights and intelligence to understand the future of the li-ion battery recycling market

Recycled material and the battery supply chain

Interest and investment in lithium battery recycling have grown in recent years as the global battery supply chain looks to feed the growing demand for battery raw materials and reduce carbon emissions from metals production. There are increased legislative pressures to localize supply chains, so market participants are looking at ways to increase battery recycling capacity and adopt black mass as a primary feedstock in manufacturing battery chemicals. Read on to find out more about the latest insights into black mass, recycled metals and electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling.

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Understanding lithium battery recycling and the recycled metals market

Get the latest insights on recycling lithium batteries, black mass and the recycled metals market

We discover how Nth Cycle is using price data and market forecasts to revolutionize the North American metal refining industry.

Payables for nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) black mass in the CIF South Korea market picked up in March amid stronger demand and improving battery raw materials prices

Recycling end-of-life rare earth magnets is an early-stage industry with a range of methods globally and low recycling rates – but there is appetite for change, Fastmarkets learned after talking to several industry participants

Aluminium scrap dealers selling to large recycling companies in Brazil are facing cash flow difficulties because they have been forced to receive delayed payments, which may lead to more severe outcomes, like company closures, sources told Fastmarkets

The US Department of Energy selected five base metals projects to receive more than $900 million in federal investment from its Industrial Demonstration Program (IDP), leading to a reduction of four million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, according to a statement by the Department on Monday March 25

Fastmarkets proposes to amend the impurity specifications for its weekly payable indicators for black mass in South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe.

How we can help you understand the battery recycling market
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Gain a competitive edge in the emerging battery recycling market

The Battery Recycling Outlook includes 10-year source, supply and price forecasts so battery and automakers, material manufacturers and battery recyclers can understand and leverage recycling supply.

The Battery Recycling Outlook allows you to:

  • Dig into forecasts and outlooks for black mass and battery materials
  • Get a clear and accurate assessment of battery technology and the major recyclers
  • Get actionable insights on the economics of battery chemistries
  • Understand key ESG and supply chain qualification criteria

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