The Chief Procurement Officer

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The rise of the CPO

In these uncertain times, when supply chains are under strain and markets are volatile, procurement has come under the spotlight. The role of the procurement leader is no longer simply process governance and operational efficiency. Instead, the procurement leader is asked to solve critical business problems – and take a more strategic approach to supply chain management.

We arm procurement leaders with the tools and insights they need to create supply chain efficiency, transparency and reliability. Read on to find out more about how we can help you to mitigate risks and maximise the value you bring to your partnership with the CEO.

With Fastmarkets you can:

  • Find and vet new suppliers
  • Overcome supply chain opacity and secure raw material supply
  • Get access to commodity supply and demand outlooks to forecast costs and guide procurement strategies
  • Understand how the price of raw materials is impacting prices
  • Stay informed on raw material pricing mechanisms and benchmarks
  • Get access to historical price, supply and demand data for informed negotiations with suppliers
  • Build and maintain knowledge of global markets, competitors and innovations
  • Access expertise on commodity risk management

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Managing procurement risk

Get the latest insights on managing price, supply and demand risk in the markets we serve

How commodity procurement managers and producers can utilize self-insurance premiums to offset losses when no derivative market exists

Read the key takeaways from our recent pricing and hedging strategies for energy storage stakeholders webinar, with insights from experts including Fastmarkets’ own David Becker, Phoebe O’Hara and Renato Rostas

As the Intercontinental Exchange launches the first RBD soybean oil futures contract, David Becker explains the advantages of having an exchange-traded derivative and how this will help protect against price volatility

How we help CPOs
Learn more about the products and services we offer to help chief procurement officers manage risk and capitalize on opportunities

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