Green steel spotlight

Follow the low carbon steel discussion and keep up to date with the developments influencing the decarbonization of the steel industry

Global metals markets are evolving to become greener. Steelmakers worldwide are in a race to meet decarbonization goals under the growing scrutiny of the global leaders and consumers of steel products, who all have commitments to the energy transition.

In 2022, the World Economic Forum, which consists of more than 50 corporations, pledged to purchase “green” steel and lower carbon steel products, including other low carbon emitting commodities, by 2030.

As the momentum increases to decarbonize the metals industry, Fastmarkets continues to lead the way by launching our first suite of green steel prices into the European market. Our new green steel benchmarks include a green steel base price and domestic price, which were launched to help to define, measure and communicate green standards to support your decarbonization journey.

Our team of senior analysts and price reporters break down the big stories and analyze the key developments happening across green steel, global scrap and low carbon raw materials markets.

Stay connected to the latest price developments, shifting ‘green’ raw material strategies, technological advancements and market forecasts vital for decarbonizing the metals markets.

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Low carbon steel news and insights

Follow the green steel discussions and keep up to date with the developments impacting the low carbon economy

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has set a target for the building of green and low-carbon high quality buildings from 2027 to make significant improvements in energy-saving and carbon emission reduction in the construction sector, it said in a notice on Friday March 15 2024

Western governments are increasingly implementing policies to protect their local metal-producing industries from rival products made in the developing world, but how should eastern lawmakers and companies respond to these moves?

Mercedes-Benz has signed its second deal with a major US steel producer to supply greener steel in hopes of reaching decarbonization goals by the year 2039, the German automaker announced on Wednesday March 20

Raw material prices have come under the pressure of falling steel demand around the world since the second half of 2023, and market participants expect the trend to extend into 2024

Key milestones, opportunities and challenges facing the European steel industry on the path to decarbonization

Fastmarkets’ European green steel price was published earlier than scheduled due to an error.

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Fastmarkets is dedicated to bringing more clarity to the green steel discussion to help inform your ‘green’ investment decisions
Scope 3 guide: How steel companies tackle upstream emissions

Find out how some of the top steel companies are tackling Scope 3 emissions in nine fact-filled sections

The concept of what constitutes ‘green steel’ differs far and wide. Different regions and industries have drastically different ideas of what green steel is, how to regulate it, and how to achieve it.

Fastmarkets has launched two new Green Steel prices for the European domestic market, starting Thursday June 8.

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Fastmarkets combines the commodity intelligence of these familiar names:

Metal Bulletin • American Metal Market • Scrap Price Bulletin • Industrial Minerals • RISI • FOEX • The Jacobsen • Agricensus • Random Lengths • FastMarkets and more