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How supply chain disruptions and changing trade flows are impacting commodity markets

The complexities and opacity of global supply chains impact all commodity markets. The drive towards a low-carbon, sustainable future is giving rise to a new generation of markets with vastly different supply chains that pose new challenges and opportunities for all market participants.

We’ve seen not only how labor shortages due to the Covid-19 pandemic have affected the global production and distribution of metals and mining as well as forest products, but also how Russia’s war on Ukraine has vastly altered the movement of grains and oilseeds.

For new generation energy markets, recent policy changes and new regulations on the nearshoring of battery materials are adding a new layer of complexity to this supply chain.

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Fastmarkets explores three innovative pathways paving the way for sustainable steel production in Asia amidst rising capacity and demand challenges, driving the urgent need for decarbonization and low-carbon supply chain development

Graphite companies Nouveau Monde Graphite, Novonix and Westwater have all announced offtake agreements in a developing US anode supply chain to comply with that country’s generous subsidy scheme under the Inflation Reduction Act and to ease the current dependence on China for material, Fastmarkets heard on Thursday February 15

Traders have built up their presence in the lithium market in recent years; they see an opportunity in lower prices – after record highs set in 2022 – while the lithium industry aims to take advantage of an expected growth in demand spurred by the global energy transition

The London Metal Exchange is finding that when it comes to metal of Russian origin, and in particular aluminium, it can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Supply chain localization of the graphite industry is a trend that is expected to continue in 2024 amid ongoing geopolitical tensions and excess capacity in Mainland China, the major holder of the global anode supply. Challenges remain, however, sources told Fastmarkets

Volume of refined nickel exported by China soared in 2023, official customs data released on Monday January 22 shows, after new entrants in the refining business stepped up their sales efforts in the overseas market

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